WKM Gallery的盛大開幕預示著其展覽「 Metamorphosis: Japan’s Evolving Society 」的首次亮相。這個變革性的展覽匯集了十二位傑出的日本當代藝術家,包括平子雄一、堀越達人、金子英、小久保拓海、小森紀綱、Hiroya Kurata、松川朋奈、松岡亮、Minori Oga、Hiro Sugiyama、Ichi Tashiro,以及Tide。

The grand opening of WKM Gallery heralds the debut of its inaugural exhibition, Metamorphosis: Japan’s Evolving Society. This transformative showcase features an ensemble of twelve exceptional contemporary Japanese artists, including Yuichi Hirako, Tatsuhito Horikoshi, Ei Kaneko, Takumi Kokubo, Akitsuna Komori, Hiroya Kurata, Tomona Matsukawa, Ryo Matsuoka, Minori Oga, Hiro Sugiyama, Ichi Tashiro and TIDE, whose works beautifully encapsulate the spirit of adaptation, resilience, and creative expression.

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現旅居加拿大之香港藝術家周肅磐,近年致力於色彩斑斕之《花花》系列,將於 11 月 4 日及 5 日在東京港區南青山 STUMP BASE 展出 30 多幀大小不一之作品。於藝術家而言,《花花》就是童心之作。

In this debut show in Tokyo, Japan, open to public on Nov 4th and 5th, contemporary artist Charles Chau will be showcasing more than 30 pieces of his latest works Fafa 123 ̶ the various sub-phases of the artistʼs playful colours ̶ of various sizes including two large pieces of work of 188 x 290 cm that the artist created over the last 5-6 years.

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The Gallery at Jao Tsung-I Academy, renovated to elevate visitor’s experience, unveiled the inaugural exhibition “Lingnan Colour: Collaborative Paintings by Jao Tsung-i and the Four Masters of Lingnan”, features a total of 36 Chinese paintings by Jao Tsung-i and the four renowned Lingnan masters, Zhao Shao-ang, Li Xiong-cai, Guan Shan-yue, and Yang Shan-sum. The exhibition commences on 12th October, 2023 till 31st March, 2024.

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Rankin的鏡頭:時尚、名人和藝術的永恆之旅|Rankin’s Lens: A Timeless Journey Through the World of Fashion, Fame, and Art

攝影是一種結合了技術技能、創造力和故事敘述的藝術形式,產生能超越時間和空間的影像。在傑出的攝影師中,少有人能與Rankin相提並論。從捕捉時尚之美和亮相界的輝煌,到深度探索人類情感和社會問題,Rankin的作品已經使整個世代的人們感到愉快並受到啟發。他的照片既優雅又挑釁,既動態又酷炫,創新且引領潮流。這反映出他攝影的多元化方式,對實驗的熱情,和打破可能性邊界的能力。 Photography is an art form that combines technical skill, creativity, and storytelling to produce images that can transcend time and space. And when it comes to iconic photographers, few can match the influence and impact of Rankin. From capturing the beauty of fashion and the glamour of show business to exploring the depths of human emotion and social issues, Rankin’s work has delighted and inspired whole generations. His photographs are elegant and provocative, dynamic and cool, creative and trend-setting. They reflect his multifaceted approach to photography, his passion for experimentation, and his ability to push the boundaries of what is possible.  

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揭開香江國際集團的時尚傳奇|Unraveling the Threads of HKI Group’s Fashion Legacy


Hong Kong, a vibrant hub of cultural fusion, has long been a source of inspiration for the global fashion scene. This year, Sun Museum proudly presents its latest retrospective exhibition, “HKI Knits – 50th Anniversary of the Founding of HKI Group,” running from May 24 to August 5, 2023. Delving into the rich history of the Hong Kong International Group (HKI Group), the exhibition unveils a tapestry of iconic knitted ready-to-wear garments, rare textile machinery, and historical photographs.  

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与饒宗頤教授一起墨游天下|Roaming the World in Ink: The Artistic Odyssey of Professor Jao Tsung-i


Jao Tsung-I, a renowned Chinese literary scholar and artist, began his career at HKU in 1952, setting out to develop an international network of likeminded academics. He was a polymath with exceptional achievements in the fields of ancient Chinese culture, linguistics, calligraphy, and painting. Poems he wrote along the way became the inspiration for his paintings of foreign landscapes. Embracing Landscapes: The Artistic Journey of Professor Jao Tsung-i, has been organised to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Petite Ecole.

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告別啟德機場:追憶香港標誌性的航空地標|Farewell to Kai Tak Airport: Remembering Hong Kong’s Iconic Aviation Landmark


Soaring planes, crowded terminals, and an iconic runway – these were the everyday sights and sounds of Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong’s gateway to the world for 73 years. But on July 6, 1998, the airport’s lights were switched off as Cathay Pacific flight CX251 departed for London, marking the end of an era. Kai Tak Airport holds a special place in the hearts of many people who have fond memories of traveling through it, or for those who used to watch planes land and take off from its iconic runway. While the airport may be gone, its legacy lives on in the memories of those who experienced it.

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戰馬翱翔倫敦天際線|War Horses Soar Over London Skyline

蘭斯伯瑞酒店作為倫敦其中一間最奢華的酒店, 現正與英國藝術攝影師兼藝術家Ripley攜手,推出其與英國皇家衛隊合作的獨家作品展。這次展覽將於蘭斯伯瑞酒店的大廳展出十二幅大型的皇家騎兵肖像畫。

The Lanesborough, one of London’s most luxurious hotels, is partnering with British fine art photographer and artist Ripley to showcase an exclusive collection of his equestrian works with the Household Cavalry. The exhibition, which will be on display at The Lanesborough’s Great Hall, will feature twelve large-scale portraits of soldiers. 

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