Despite the recent challenges faced by the Hong Kong Art School/RMIT students, they have maintained a clear vision and a commitment to their pursuit of truth and self expression in their art making. Ivy Ma, Lecturer and BAFA Programme Coordinator at HKAS thinks that it is more important than ever to support these fresh arts graduates.

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陶器與他們的產地|The land of ceramic objects




“How do you make your soup, mom?” I ask. “Just throw all the ingredients in….” She says, all nonchalant. 

For some reason, Mom’s soup always had a unique flavour. It was all a mystery until she came over one day, and saw MY version of HER soup. “Not like that!” she said. “You have to use the traditional claypot!” 

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「在我看來,香港是一座密密麻麻的城市,憑借其緊湊的城市製造痕跡的肌理,與豐富多彩的自然伸展環境交融共存。「萬物城市」個展中呈現的一系列的作品,在我自己的視覺語言中轉換和重新解釋了這悖論:一個城市,同時是人造的和「有機的」,它是呼吸的,自然的,有生命力的。—— Daphné Mandel 曼樂婷

Hong Kong, for me, is a city of densely packed contrasts, by virtue of its
compact urban fabric that coexists and intersects with its lush and abundant natural environment. Organic City presents a series of works
that transpose and reinterpret this paradox in my own visual language: A city, simultaneously man-made and “organic” as living breathing matter, alive, and natural. – Daphné Mandel

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肖像畫的奧秘|The Mysteries of Portraiture

對你來說,肖像畫有什麼微妙之處呢?著名藝術家貝浩登(香港)會在尖沙咀海旁的K11 ATELIER Victoria Dockside,舉辦首個以肖像為題的群展《萬花筒:當代肖像》,透過精選藝術家的視角探索當代肖像的意念。

What is so special about portraiture? Perrotin Hong Kong is pleased to inaugurate its new location at K11 ATELIER Victoria Dockside with a group exhibition exploring meanings of portraiture through the lens of selected artists.

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來自形形式式的局限,唯有我們將之視為朋友而非敵人,才令它們與別不同。倫敦街頭攝影師 Alan Schaller 指出,在攝影配備、地點、主體上設置限制,能讓藝術家受益匪淺。作為數碼年代拍攝黑白照片的先驅,Alan Schaller 率先使用全新徠卡 M10 Monochrom 相機。

Limitations come in many forms. What makes all the difference, is if we can manage to turn them into our friends instead of seeing them as our enemies. To set limitations in gear, locations, subject and aesthetics can benefit an artist greatly, as street photographer Alan Schaller from London points out. Alan Schaller, an early adopter of black and white photography in the digital age, was among the first to get his hands on the new Leica M10 Monochrom.

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Rembrandt recorded his own physiognomy in some 80 paintings, etchings and drawings, documenting his enduring captivation with his own image throughout almost the entire span of his career.

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「走近 – 荷李活道」以當代藝術介入古董店的日常環境和運作,塑造一場歷史與現代、藝術與工藝的對話。五位參展藝術家對古董及舊物收藏各具見解,研究和切入角度各有不同。

“Up Close – Hollywood Road” is an exhibition that uses contemporary art as a means to intervene in the everyday environment and operation of antique shops, thereby creating a dialogue between history and modern times as well as art and traditional craft. The five participating artists of the show have different takes on collecting antiques and old objects and approach it from their own points of view.

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熊仔的小提醒|“Bear in Mind, my friends!”

相信每人小時候也有一個熊啤啤陪伴成長,它不僅是我們的玩伴,也是充滿靈性的同伴。為慶祝 13a New Street Art Gallery 隆重開幕,潮流文化藝術家 Mr. Likey 會在 6 月 18 日至 7 月 7 日舉辦新晉的最新個人作品展 – 「Bear In Mind」 。是次展覽以「Bear In Mind」為主題,除了展覽以 Mr. Likey 創作的作品為主外,更希望大眾能「Bear In Mind」記住令你開心的作品。

Most of us have a teddy bear friend when we were kids. It isn’t only a toy that makes us happy but a friend who accompanies us during good and bad times. To celebrate the Grand Opening of 13a New Street Art Gallery, we are proud to present a solo exhibition by a famous contemporary artist Mr. Likey of the theme “Bear In Mind” from 18th June until 7th July. Mr.Likey displays his signature style of blending street art aesthetics with cartoon and playful elements in this collection. These unique art pieces comprised a mix of cartoon characters.

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與自然對話 |翟宗浩的山水世界 Chak’s dialogue with Nature


The University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG) of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) is now reopened to the public with new contemporary art exhibitions on display. Landscapes and Other Natural Occurrences is one f the first significant solo exhibitions of Chak’s work to be displayed in Hong Kong. Known primarily for his landscapes, Chak paints the forms of the natural world in abstract and poetic ways. The University Museum and Art Gallery exhibition highlights both his larger two-panel canvases and smaller works on paper as a way to illustrate the artist’s evolution of thought.

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細味昔日荃灣 |A Journey to the old Tsuen Wan

對於荃灣,你的印象是什麼呢?是讓人流連忘返的美食天堂,還是是連接著整個城市不同角落的天橋?香港文創地標南豐紗廠於5月16日至7月16日期間,舉辦《遇上荃灣》第二部曲《南豐紗廠x Onion Peterman x 茂一茂》插畫展。本地插畫藝術家 Onion Peterman 將以荃灣香車街街市及熟食中心為創作對象,繪畫展現街市的空間佈局及不同人文風景,絲網印製的插畫及手工書會於南豐紗廠的茂一茂甜品店內展出。茂一茂更會選購香車街街市食材,製作期間限定甜品,讓大家細味荃灣。

What is your first impression when it comes to Tsuen Wan? A food paradise or long bridges that connects different parts of the city? Hong Kong’s art culture landmark, The Mills is proud to present the “A Window into Tsuen Wan: The Mills x Onion Peterman x Mou 1 Mou” Illustration Exhibition. Local illustrator Onion Peterman takes inspiration from the Hueng Che Street Market and Cooked Food Market for illustration. The paintings show the spatial layout of the market and different cultural landscapes. The exhibition, together with handmade books printed on silkscreen, will be held at Mou 1 Mou Dessert in The Mills from 16th May to 16th July.

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