JPS畫廊策劃由新晉藝術家李思汝(Afa Annfa)、林輝(Chino Lam)和街頭藝術傳奇Cope2在置地廣塲中庭BELOWGROUND聯⼿展出的「逆時⾞站」。與此同時,位於置地廣塲⼆樓的JPS畫廊也會展出Cope2的個⼈展覽,向塗鴉界⿁才Cope2致敬,肯定他把街頭藝術帶入主流藝術的成就。

JPS Art Gallery presents a crossover project titled “Time Travel” with BELOWGROUND featuring the works of two rising local artists, Afa Annfa, Chino Lam, and street art legend, Cope2. The show is presenting in tandem with the solo exhibition of Cope2, on view in the gallery’s location in LANDMARK, complimenting the oeuvre of the artist.

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香港,從前是一個小漁村, 在60、70年代經濟發展下各行業與生活融合了中西的元素發展出獨有的文化,如巷弄裡的士多、街邊的人力車、夜生活的舞廳及海上酒家等。

Economic development in the 1960s to 1970s evolved Hong Kong from a small fishing village to a confluence of Chinese and Western culture, with grocery stores in alleys, rickshaws on the streets, nightlife dance halls and floating restaurants.

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Born in Turin, Italy, in 1940, Alighiero Boetti was an influential member of the Arte Povera movement, though by the 1970s diverged from the collective movements of the time and forged his own unique explorations of time, space, language, mathematics, wordplay, classification and collaboration, producing one of the most fascinating and radically conceptual bodies of work of the 20th century.

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德國籍藝術家和環保推動者liina klauss專長將人造和自然廢物轉化成令人反思的藝術作品。香港海事博物館最新關於自然歷史與海洋污染的專題展覽 —《「不是天生一對」當人造物件丟失於大自然》細看海洋塑膠污問題,通過展覽我們能了解和正視塑膠危機的深遠影響,探索人造物件丟失在大自然的含義。

German artist liina klauss specializes in turning man-made and natural waste into reflective works of art.  The Hong Kong Maritime Museum’s latest special exhibition on natural history and ocean pollution – “Involuntary Pairs Man-made lost in Nature” takes a closer look at the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean. The exhibition allows us to understand and grasp the fate and implications of our plastic age, and explore the meaning of man-made objects lost in nature.

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In the digital age, data has become the carrier of memory which also serves to inject new vigour into artistic creation. But will human memory fall into extinction due to interventions in

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生命如此艱難,何必搞得這麽簡單? | LIFE IS HARD. WHY DO WE MAKE IT SO EASY

作為地球上的其中一員,人類經常為了一己之便,令其他物種的生活變得艱難。藝術家鄭波認為面對氣候及生態危機,人類應重建萬物平等共生的理念。由香港藝術發展局(藝發局)主辦、香港賽馬會慈善信託基金捐助的賽馬會藝壇新勢力將呈獻鄭波《生命如此艱難,何必搞得這麽簡單?》(Life is hard. Why do we make it so easy?)。展覽於即日至4月25日,於嘉道理農場暨植物園展出。

In the face of climate change and ecological crisis, it is important for us humans to reconsider the concept of equality and how we can coexist with other living things. JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power presents Zheng Bo’s visual arts exhibition Life is hard. Why do we make it so easy? at Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) from now to 25 April 2021.

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精緻還原名畫角色 : 曾梵志面具系列限定藝術玩偶發售 | ZENG FANZHI THE MASK LIMITED FIGURE ON SALE

「面具」系列作為著名當代中國藝術家曾梵志的代表作,一向備受觸目。去年《面具系列1996 NO.6》更以人民幣1.61億元打破中國當代藝術品的最高拍賣價。是次WOAW Store 引入ArTy ReTro®首個項目作品,邀請了藝術家曾梵志創作The Mask 限定藝術玩偶。當為人熟知的名畫角色化為可觸摸的立體玩偶,相信將會引起一波熱潮。

Mask Series, as a masterpiece of the famous contemporary Chinese artist Zeng Fanzhi, has always attracted attention. Last year, “Mask Series 1996 No.6” broke the highest auction record of Chinese contemporary art for RMB 161 million. This time, WOAW Store introduces Arty ReTro® x Zeng Fanzhi project – The Mask limited collectible art figure. When renowned character is recreated into tangible 3D figure, a wave of enthusiasm is pleasurably anticipated.

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《愛情騎呢雜症》漫畫原稿展覽 | Miscellaneous Symptoms of Love Comics Originals Exhibition


Lai Tat Tat Wing’s four-panel comic Three Senses of Youth 1234 is a collection of 600 stories of laughter, mystery, irony, horror, action and suspense. As one of the book launch event organized by Hong Kong Arts Centre, Miscellaneous Symptoms of Love Comics Originals Exhibition showcases 101 panels of precious comics originals revolving around the four stages of love, from budding youthful dreams to passionate love, then forced compromises, ending in bitter breakups. Most of them are fruitless love stories, peppered with miscellaneous symptoms of love that are all too familiar to everyone!

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一圖勝千言:2020世界新聞攝影展 | WORLD PRESS PHOTO EXHIBITION 2020


Hong Kong will soon get a first-hand look at some of the world’s most striking images and compelling visual stories as selected in the latest World Press Photo annual photography competition. The World Press Photo Exhibition 2020 showcases works from almost 74,000 entries submitted by over 4,200 photographers from 125 countries. Protests and the role of young activists in places including Hong Kong, Algeria, and Sudan was a recurrent theme among the 2020 entries.

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步伐急速,生活節奏緊張是香港人一貫特色,而疫情襲來和社交限制絕對為我們帶來不少麻煩。話雖如此,正正因為疫情, 我們才能放慢腳步,好好感受這座城市和生活的美好。凱倫偉伯畫廊繼一系列合作項目和聯展後第五次和香港藝術家吳嘉敏合作,呈獻其個人首展「窗花」,以水彩畫記錄幻想世界下的美好回憶和快樂時刻。

Fast pacing of life and stressed out are the common characteristics of Hong Kong people all the time, and the epidemic and the social distancing have definitely brought us a lot of troubles. Having said that, it is precisely because of the epidemic that we have slowed down so that we can appreciate the beauty of this city and life. Karin Weber Gallery is excited to announce the first solo exhibition by Carmen Ng from Hong Kong, titled “Flowers in the window”, as their fifth collaboration after a series of joint projects and group exhibitions, featuring watercolour to portray wonderful memories and pleasure moments in the imagined city.

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