二十年來,「地表最強」的周杰倫創作了一首又一首經典歌曲風靡整個亞洲,無疑是當代最有影響力的樂壇天王,實際上,他同時也是一名藝術收藏家和文化愛好者。近日他被邀請作爲亞洲首場「Contemporary Curated:Asia」拍賣客席策展,這次的合作被堪稱為藝術與娛樂界史無前例的重大盛事。

Over the past two decades, ‘the invincible’, Jay Chou has created one after another classic songs that have swept across Asia. He is undoubtedly the most influential contemporary music king. In fact, he is also an art collector and a cultural lover. Recently, he was invited to be the guest curator of Asia’s first “Contemporary Curated: Asia” auction. This collaboration marks as an unprecedented ground-breaking event in the art and entertainment industry.

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大華銀行年度水墨藝術大獎揭曉 | 2020 UOB INK ART OF THE YEAR AWARD


UOB Hong Kong presented the 2020 UOB Ink Art of the Year Award and Gold Award, Figurative or Landscape (Open Category) to Ms Tang Shuk Man for her Chinese ink artwork titled 4.

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香港蘇富比於四月十六日至二十日春季拍賣期間,與梅潔樓假香港會議展覽中心合辦「大師點滴 — 梅潔樓藏畫」展覽。梅潔樓乃香港私人收藏,致力於中國書畫收藏,矢志搜求四十餘年,積累近現代作品為大宗,博納採菁,其品味之高、收藏脈絡之完善,廣為藝界推崇。梅潔樓亦專事藝術推廣,歷年來精心籌劃多項主題展覽,編次成集。今與香港蘇富比合辦展覽,以饗同好,好藝者不容錯過。

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In the 21st century, life is getting more tech-savvy. Technology becomes an important element in contemporary art creation. While we may have a sense that technology is somehow incompatible with artistic creativity for its lack of human touch, the exhibition Art Machines: Past/ Present at The Indra and Banga Gallery shows us that new media art is a very flexible creative channel and the emergence of machines has not changed the essence of art. 

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Bamboo artisans require impeccable patience, continuous trial and error, in order to refine and complete their work. However, the craft industry seems out of touch with the fast-paced city, a space that leaves little room for the past. How can bamboo craftsmanship and its history develop in modern times and pass on its traditions?

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路飛、閃電俠、Elmo…怎麼你們都慘遭「毒手」被解剖了?原來這些都是紐約雕塑家及玩具設計大師Jason Freeny的半身解剖作品,他以破格創新的視角透視不同家傳戶曉的動畫角色,重新演繹了各種熟悉事物。這次K11 購物藝術館為Jason Freeny舉辦的藝術體驗店《OUTSIDE IN: An Unconventional World of Art Toys》展示了過百款經典解剖Art Toy及雕塑,讓人嘖嘖稱奇看得目不轉睛。

The award-winning sculptor and toy designer Jason Freeny brings anatomical deconstructions of iconic characters, including Elmo from Sesame Street and Luffy from One Piece to K11 Art Mall through his《OUTSIDE IN: An Unconventional World of Art Toys》showcase. Over 100 art toys and sculptures wow the audience as we see how he reinvents the classics with his innovative practices. 

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如何面對失常時代?:來自Francis Alÿs與Mika Rottenberg的啟示 | EPIPHANY IN AN ERA OF ABNORMALITY

2020年的世界經歷著各種各樣的改變,處於失常時代,我們應如何提升對當代生存境況的洞察和自覺?Francis Alÿs與Mika Rottenberg分別在大館舉行的首個香港個展也許會為你帶來新的立腳點去檢視世界。

In an era of abnormality, how should we gain insight or awareness into the paradoxes of contemporary existence? Francis Alÿs and Mika Rottenberg’s first solo exhibitions in Hong Kong may offer you new standing points to look at the world.

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回歸收藏的初心 | 中國嘉德香港2020秋季拍賣會


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港日新攜手,開展VR新可能 | Multinational Galleries at Home? HK-JP-SG said YES.

It is the 25th year of the Generation N, in the age of rapid development of society and technology, face-to-face communication became not as natural, yet the power of technology also unites the people during this critical period of time. Regardless of nationality, regardless of language.

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當夢不是夢:慧惠個人畫展|Dreams Coming True: Solo exhibition by Wai Wai

「畫畫對我來說是情緒的載體,也是我與他人連結的橋,這條橋能通往的地方愈來愈多,因此我開始加深對香港不同社區的認識,例如北角春秧街街市的浪漫、鴨脷洲街坊的熱情、土瓜灣急速轉變的不捨、西貢老店日常的細水長流等,這一切所成就的社區地圖、插畫、鐵閘畫、壁畫等的工作項目使我能維持生計,並為將來要發的夢作準備。」—— 慧惠

“Painting to me is a carrier of emotions and a bridge to connect with others. This bridge can lead to many places so I began to deepen my understanding of different districts, such as the romance of the Chun Yeung Street market at North Point, the enthusiastic vibe of the neighborhoods in Ap Lei Chau, the rapid transformation of To Kwa Wan, and the daily life of traditional boutiques in Sai Kung. The community maps, illustrations, iron gate paintings, and murals are the art projects that enabled me to make a living and prepare for future dreams” —— Wai Wai    

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