如何面對失常時代?:來自Francis Alÿs與Mika Rottenberg的啟示 | EPIPHANY IN AN ERA OF ABNORMALITY

2020年的世界經歷著各種各樣的改變,處於失常時代,我們應如何提升對當代生存境況的洞察和自覺?Francis Alÿs與Mika Rottenberg分別在大館舉行的首個香港個展也許會為你帶來新的立腳點去檢視世界。

In an era of abnormality, how should we gain insight or awareness into the paradoxes of contemporary existence? Francis Alÿs and Mika Rottenberg’s first solo exhibitions in Hong Kong may offer you new standing points to look at the world.

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回歸收藏的初心 | 中國嘉德香港2020秋季拍賣會


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港日新攜手,開展VR新可能 | Multinational Galleries at Home? HK-JP-SG said YES.

It is the 25th year of the Generation N, in the age of rapid development of society and technology, face-to-face communication became not as natural, yet the power of technology also unites the people during this critical period of time. Regardless of nationality, regardless of language.

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當夢不是夢:慧惠個人畫展|Dreams Coming True: Solo exhibition by Wai Wai

「畫畫對我來說是情緒的載體,也是我與他人連結的橋,這條橋能通往的地方愈來愈多,因此我開始加深對香港不同社區的認識,例如北角春秧街街市的浪漫、鴨脷洲街坊的熱情、土瓜灣急速轉變的不捨、西貢老店日常的細水長流等,這一切所成就的社區地圖、插畫、鐵閘畫、壁畫等的工作項目使我能維持生計,並為將來要發的夢作準備。」—— 慧惠

“Painting to me is a carrier of emotions and a bridge to connect with others. This bridge can lead to many places so I began to deepen my understanding of different districts, such as the romance of the Chun Yeung Street market at North Point, the enthusiastic vibe of the neighborhoods in Ap Lei Chau, the rapid transformation of To Kwa Wan, and the daily life of traditional boutiques in Sai Kung. The community maps, illustrations, iron gate paintings, and murals are the art projects that enabled me to make a living and prepare for future dreams” —— Wai Wai    

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記錄情緒的旅程 | A journal of a trip of emotions

人長大了,情感變得複雜了,變得很難只用一言半語來表達所想。但許多人其實並不了解自己,誤會自己的感受,逃避面對真實內心的想法。香港本地藝術家Joanne Chan陳頌欣在6月19號至8月1號期間舉行的個人展覽會「無用之用」,紀錄了她在各個時期的情感變化。

As we grow up, our emotions also pile up and become more complex, it becomes difficult to express ourselves using simple words. Many people do not actually understand themselves accurately with their emotions, avoid from facing the forthright thoughts deep in their mind. Local Hong Kong artist Joanne Chan is having her solo exhibition “the usefulness of uselessness”, between 19th June and 1st August, a record of her emotional journeys throughout the years. 

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為未來一代,記錄現在香港 | Record the present Hong Kong, for the future generations


Even though we complain about the stressful urban life in Hong Kong a lot, yet, people have a love-and-hate relationship with this small piece of land; life is tough, but it doesn’t affect our love for this piece of land. 

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從《春畫》中發掘人性 | Exploring human nature from SHUNGA

「這個系列是一面鏡,我希望觀者從中看到自己。過着有尊嚴和自尊的生活是眾人皆有的權利;我們有公民責任作出正當決定。我想展現出微笑行動為唇顎裂患者帶來的轉變。」 —— 西山瑞貴

“This series is a mirror. I want the audience to take a good look at themselves. Living with dignity and pride is a deserved right. It is our civil responsibility to make righteous decisions. I am showing the transformative impact [Operation Smile] offers.” —— Mizuki Nishiyama

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香港標誌,過去與現在對話|The Hong Kong Icon, A Conversion With the Past


Past and present, they are not two points, but lie on a line. The communication between the past and the present should be limited to textbooks. Many local Hong Kong artists are extremely curious and creative about the past, the present, and the future of Hong Kong. The exhibition “Classic Remix: The Hong Kong Viewpoint” at HKMOA included 14 collections of 14 Hong Kong artists, responding to different sides of the old Hong Kong with different modern ways. 

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香港,就是一個藝術題材| Hong Kong as an Art Genre


Since 1997, Hong Kong is the only city on earth that operates “One Country, Two Systems”; this system is in fact an experiment in nature, there is no prior history nor reference to refer to, it is literally a new and experimental concept. This is not only regarding certain aspects of politics but also from daily lives to art creation, the system creates a strange and unique environment. 

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作為一位來自香港而蜚聲國際的珠寶設計師、藝術歷史家及文化顧問,羅啟妍(Kai-Yin Lo)在珠寶設計界早已是經典的代名詞;她在藝術、文化和歷史上擁有豐厚的知識,融匯了東西方的傳統精髓,把中國的文化神韻注入設計,重新闡釋成極具時代感且適宜佩戴的珠寶飾物。想不到的是,她這種穿越古今、融匯東西的設計品味與美學,亦同樣反映在其設計家具珍藏上。

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