當人們特別鍾情於一個地方,他們看到的景色和浮現的情緒會停留在腦海中,成爲自己的動力和靈感的來源。Sam Friedman 因為從洛克威海灘找到靈感,他在WOAW Gallery與Library Street Collective聯手策劃的《 FANTASY 》展覽裏, 將他對這個地方的情感,揉合具象與抽象風格表現出來。

People can form special connections with people, objects and places. Perhaps it is a certain sensation, or a particular memory, they are often engraved in one’s mind forever and become their source of inspiration. For Sam Friedman, his particular fondness for Rockaway Beach in New York City is the main inspiration of his works in FANTASY, presented by Woaw Store Gallery and Library Street Collective, where he conveys his feelings for nature through a vibrant and harmonious color palette and abstract forms.

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英國和香港:藝術交流 | Artistic Collaboration Across Continents

藝術家經常從不同國家的文化和藝術品取靈感,製成的作品象徵跨國的互動和對話。Peer to Peer:UK/HK以網上展覽形式,於2020年11月11日(星期三)至2020年12月13日(星期日)展示英國與香港之間國際文化交流的成果,包括來自英國和香港藝術家的全新及現有數碼藝術作品。

Artists have always taken inspiration from works all across the world, even those a few oceans away. The resulting works are often dynamic interpretations that facilitate transnational dialogue. To celebrate international cultural exchange between the UK and Hong Kong, the Peer to Peer: UK/HK Online Festival has launched an online exhibition of new and existing digital artwork from UK and Hong Kong based artists from Wed 11 November to Sun 13 December 2020.

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藝術創作的歷史以及藝術工具和材料的歷史,兩者之間有著千絲萬縷的聯繫。每個時代都有新的媒介被開發出來,亦會對於傳統媒介作出新的修正與認識。般哥展覽館由十一月二十四日起舉行的展覽「藝術機器 過去/現在」正探討藝術創作和工具之間的關係,並提供了一個歷史框架,理解新媒體藝術如何融合到這傳統當中。讓我們了解更多關於展覽的各個部分,探索展覽如何帶我們穿梭古今。

The history of artmaking and the history of tools and technology are inextricably linked. With new media being developed, knowledge of traditional media is also being reconceptualized. The exhibition Arts Machines Past/Present,which will be held at The Indra and Harry Banga Gallery from Nov 24, explores the long-standing connection between artmaking and machines. Let us take you through different sections of the exhibition to explore how it provides a context for understanding the ways new media art fits within this tradition.

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DFA亞洲最具影響力設計獎: 又一山人| DFA World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer: anothermountainman


DFA Awards 2020 has announced its recipients for the year of 2020, recognizing design trendsetters, design projects and local young designers. In particular, one of the individual awards, namely DFA World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer (DFA WOCD), has been awarded to Stanley Wong (anothermountainman).

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自古以來,竹作為生活工具,可以說是無所不能;作為文化符號,文人雅士愛其謙謙君子之性。除了我們在街上看到的裝修竹棚、飲茶時用到的蒸籠、每天吃飯用的筷子等,原來竹也是藝術創作的媒介。法國竹藝家Laurent Martin “Lo”就利用竹勾勒出和諧的曲線,懸掛空中的作品宛如中國書法中優雅的筆觸。10 號贊善里畫廊為他舉辦了個展《穿越虛空》,並同時在今年巴塞爾藝術博覽會“Spotlight”上展出他的作品。

Since ancient times, bamboo has been a ubiquitous part of our daily life. A multi-faceted cultural symbol, the humble bamboo also represents endurance and longevity. Other than the bamboo scaffolds we see on streets and the bamboo steamers used to hold dim sums, bamboo is also a medium for art creation. The gravity-defying bamboo sculptures by Laurent Martin “Lo” swing in the air, drawing curves of harmony like the gracious strokes of Chinese calligraphy. His solo exhibition, Crossing the Void, is being held at the 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, whose works will be presented at Art Basel Spotlight art fair as well.

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典亞藝博2020 | Fine Art Asia 2020

原定10 月舉辦,享譽國際、亞洲頂尖的典亞藝博2020 (Fine Art Asia) 將於今秋11 月27 日(星期五)至11 月30 日(星期一)盛大回歸香港會議展覽中心,而貴賓預展將於11 月26 日(星期四)舉行。

Fine Art Asia 2020, Asia’s leading international fine art fair, which was originally scheduled for October, will now be held from Friday 27 November to Monday 30 November 2020, with a Preview on Thursday, 26 November 2020, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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假如我們現在乘搭時光機回到石器時代,跟原始人說當代藝術家不再在岩壁上作畫,可以透過VR技術在空氣中創作,他們一定會認為我們癡人說夢。但在科技日新月異的現代社會,越來越多技術被應用在藝術創作中。般哥展覽館在十一月下旬舉行的展覽「藝術機器 過去/現在」正探討藝術創作和工具之間的關係,向我們展示科技並非藝術創作的絆腳石,而是成就其誕生的條件。

In today’s increasingly diverse modern society, the proliferation of new technologies, above all the computer, has afforded an ever-widening repertoire of material and symbolic forms from which art can be created. The exhibition Arts Machines Past/Present,which will be held at The Indra and Harry Banga Gallery in late November, explores the relationship between artistic creation and tools, showing us that technology is not an impediment to the making of art but a condition of its possibility.

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A piece of ordinary fabric may not stand against the test of time, but it is often interwoven with everlasting memories, containing stories that cross generations. The winter exhibition in CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile), Yin Xiuzhen: Sky Patch, explores the idea and the very action of patching and repairing one’s relationship with their surroundings and the various communities to which they belong through the common thread of textile.

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重新思考藝術新紀元:香港藝術學院秋季展覽 | RETHINKING ART FOR A NEW ERA


In the fast-growing and highly commercialized society of Hong Kong, fine art becomes a particularly priceless presence. Graduates of Hong Kong Art School will participate in ‘Fine Art Asia 2020’ and exhibit their works at the end of November. Taking the center stage in the exhibition are works inspired by the impact of Covid-19 on Hong Kong to highlight the unnoticeable sides of the city. At the same time, the school will also host a sculpture exhibition, ‘Material and Physics’. 

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城市人往往受到急速的節奏影響,難以維持健康的工作與生活平衡。本地插畫師 Peep 在她的展覽 TIME TO BLOOM 裏, 幫我們打打氣, 希望大家能從生活中找到快樂 ! 展覽已經進入尾聲,還有三天就結束,大家不妨大家不妨把握最後機會,親身感受Peep插畫的魅力!

City dwellers, being dragged along by the fast pace of city life, often have a hard time finding work life balance. As Peep’s exhibition, “TIME TO BLOOM”, enters its countdown phase, the local emerging illustrator uses her art to cheer us up, to find fun in the everyday and the importance of self care!

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