混亂總是一觸即發,每個人都在以自己的方式盡力渡過難關。一眾藝術家對這次新冠肺炎帶來的全球性影響都抱有不同情緒和體會,其中向來喜歡探索社會黑暗面的美國藝術家Ryan Travis Christian,最近於其亞洲首次個展「HERE COMES THE ROOSTER」中以黑色筆觸和幽默的視角回應現實的荒謬。

We are always on the verge of chaos, and everyone is trying his best to overcome challenges in his own way. Artists across the world react to the coronavirus pandemic and its impacts in different manners, including American artist Ryan Travis Christian, who has always been interested in exploring the sinister side of society. In his first solo exhibition in Asia, HERE COMES THE ROOSTER, he responds to the absurdity of reality with his monochromatic strokes and dark humor.

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享譽國際的第40 屆徠卡奧斯卡·巴納克攝影獎(LOBA)舉辦在即,入圍名單現已出爐,共有12 名參賽者入圍主競賽單元,以及6 名參賽者入圍新人獎。所有入圍者的攝影作品系列均可在LOBA 網站在線查看:https://www.leica-oskar-barnack-award.com/en/

The twelve finalists in the main category and six newcomers for the internationally renowned Leica Oskar Barnack Award photo competition, that will be granted this year for the 40th time, are set. All the shortlisted picture series are available to see online at: https://www.leica-oskar-barnack-award.com/en/ .

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Fear, anxiety, confusion – these everyday emotions stirred by the current circumstances have brought three Hong Kong artists, Ivy MA, HO Sin Tung, and MAN Mei To, together for their first joint exhibition.

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喚起觸摸的記憶| Remembrance through Touch

在現代社會,我們經常著重能看得見的事物。當眼花撩亂的圖像和資訊成爲我們生活的一部分時,我們難免會對事物和情況產生幻覺或誤解。傑若米諾沃提尼 (Jaromír Novotný) 在維伍德畫廊展示的作品此則邀請觀眾感受既寧靜又貌似單色的創作,透過顏色和物料的運用來展示的記憶和回憶的力量。

In the modern days, there’s a strong tendency to rely only on what is seen. In a world full of screens with oversaturated colours and overwhelming information, it is easy for us to rely on our sight, which may result in an illusion or misconception of things and situations. However, Jaromír Novotný’s work in Axel Vervoordt Gallery invites visitors to experience the silent and seemingly monochrome creations, which, through the use of colour and materiality, enable the power of memory and remembrance.

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當提到日本著名藝術家五木田智央,總會令人聯想起他標誌性的黑白單色人像畫及超現實風格。但五木田這次在Taka Ishii Gallery從8 月28 日(二)至9 月26 日(六)期間舉行的個展「MOO」,是他首次於日本展示彩色繪畫作品, 象徵著其藝術路上一個重大的改變。是次展出的作品沒有灰沈的黑與白,破格採用了柔和的春天色彩,粉色調的插花和靜態人物均滲透著季節變化的氣息。

When we talk about the famous Japanese artist Tomoo Gokita, his signature monochrome figurative paintings and surrealistic style often come into mind. Yet in his latest solo exhibition “MOO”, which is being held at Taka Ishii Gallery from Aug 28 to Sep 26, Gokita presents exclusively, for the first time in Japan, new color paintings, indicating a significant artistic move in his career. Instead of black and white, the exhibited paintings are packed with spring and pastel colors, which includes a collection of floral arrangements and still-lives reminiscent of seasonal changes.

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The advent of the 1990s Chinese avant-garde, and its simultaneous emergence onto the global art stage, marked a pivotal point in the evolution of artistic creation and thought in the nation.

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藝術小精靈|The Little Art Elves

這段日子我們待在家裡也夠悶了,不但不能去旅行,不少展覽更取消了,但這也不代表在家中沒有樂趣,因為Google 藝術與文化推岀了五個嶄新文化網上互動遊戲,讓大家能在家中陶冶性情,展開一趟藝術旅程。

Quarantine at home leaves us bored and unmotivated. Not only are we not allowed to travel, quite a number of exhibitions have also been cancelled. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. With so many artifacts and historic treasures from museums and cultural institutions around the world to explore on Google Arts & Culture.

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Over the Influence 榮幸呈獻俄裔美國藝術家 Gosha Levochkin 於香港的首次個展「 (synthetic reality)」。Levochkin 以粗線實體的白描(ligne Claire)簡潔風
格及尺幅較大的丙烯畫作著稱。是次展覽將帶來他的一系列新作,靈感來源自他童年對汽車的記憶。展覽將於 2020 年 8 月 21 日至 9 月 26 日於 Over The Influence 畫廊底層展廳進行。

Over the Influence is pleased to present (synthetic reality), the first exhibition of Russian-American artist Gosha Levochkin in Hong Kong. Best known for his larger scale acrylic works in the tradition of ligne claire, the show will present a new body of work by Levochkin inspired by his childhood memory with cars. The exhibition will open from 21 August to 26 September 2020 at the Lower Gallery of Over the Influence.

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大自然和城市的協奏曲|The concerto of Nature and City


There seems to be a subtle tension between mother nature and the city, after having lived in a city for a certain period, we tend to return to the embrace of mother nature. Those who spent their childhood living in rural areas, however, are eager to explore the advancement and glamour of big cities. These two diverse environments seemingly represents two different values, but if they are presented as artistic objects, they might not be as contradictory as we thought, instead, they compliment each other.

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楚頌新聲 – 菖蒲集 | ANTHEM OF CALAMUS

明畫廊榮幸宣佈當代著名水墨畫家林天行個展《楚頌新聲 ∙ 菖蒲集》,展出逾30件藝術家於2019年及2020年創作全新系列的水墨畫作品。林天行以荷蓮畫備受推崇、動人心弦,是次展覽將首次呈獻藝術家的嶄新藝術表達,透過一系列作品表達對菖蒲的禮讚。菖蒲堅韌不拔,在當下全球各地深陷疫情之苦時,林天行冀以極富生命力的菖蒲,為港人呈上鼓勵和祝福。

Illuminati Fine Art presents a solo exhibition of the established contemporary ink artist Lam Tian Xing. Titled Anthem of Calamus, the exhibition showcases more than 30 new works created over the past two years. Lam Tian Xing is famous for his paintings of lotuses, yet for the first time ever, this exhibition will focus on works that take the calamus plant
as a central theme. The artist’s focus on this plant, which represents a sign of strength, health and energy, acts as a blessing and support to Hong Kong and other regions in view of the ongoing pandemic. The exhibition runs from 18 July to 19 September 2020.

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