傳統與奇幻的融合:Moe Nakamura 的迷人藝術|Blending Tradition and Whimsy: The Captivating Art of Moe Nakamura  

Moe Nakamura 是一位位於東京的藝術家,她迷人的手工木雕和繪畫作品已經吸引了亞洲及其他地區的藝術愛好者的關注。她創造的獨特角色讓人聯想到童謠和童話故事,這些角色具有可愛、無辜的面孔,帶有動物耳朵、鹿角和各種水果蔬菜造型的帽子。Nakamura的雕塑均是由單一樟木原料使用傳統的日本雕刻技術雕刻而成,然後再手工塗上柔和自然的顏色,以創造出令人驚嘆和奇幻的效果。

Moe Nakamura is a Tokyo-based artist whose enchanting hand-carved wooden figures and paintings have captured the attention of art enthusiasts across Asia and beyond. Her unique hybrid characters, reminiscent of nursery rhymes and fairy tales, feature kawaii, innocent faces with animal ears, antlers, and hats in the shape of various fruits and vegetables. Nakamura’s sculptures are carved from single logs of camphor wood, using traditional Japanese carving techniques, before being hand-painted with soft, natural colors to create a stunning and whimsical effect.  

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藝術家Ton Mak古怪而色彩繽紛的世界|The Quirky and Colorful World of Artist Ton Mak

Ton Mak是一位藝術家, 她的作品在藝術界引起了軒然大波。她以創作FLABJACKS而聞名,這是一系列奇特而圓潤的角色,讓全世界的人引頸期盼。她獨特多彩的藝術風格使她能與知名品牌如Gucci、Lexus、Nike和Swatch等合作。她的作品更影響藝術圈,從鞋子和地毯到牆面及印刷品,甚至是書籍上都有FLABJACKS的身影。  

Ton Mak is an artist whose work has been making waves in the art world. She is known for her creation of FLABJACKS, a series of quirky and round characters that have captured the hearts of people around the world. Her distinctive and colorful style has led to collaborations with major brands, including Gucci, Lexus, Nike, and Swatch. And her works also made an impact in the art world, with FLABJACKS appearing on everything from shoes and rugs to walls and prints, and even books.  

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通過林彥良的藝術探索夢幻世界|Discovering Dreamlike Worlds through Lin Yen-Liang’s Art


Lin Yen-Liang, an artist and illustrator based in Taiwan, has garnered attention for his distinctive approach to art. With a background in Landscape Architecture from Tunghai University and a focus on illustration during his graduate studies, Lin Yen-Liang’s artistic journey has led him to become a renowned figure in the creative industry. In addition to his professional design work, he is a passionate collector of toys, which greatly influences his artistic style and vision.

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雲朵女孩的治癒力量|The Healing Power of the Cloud Girl


Beiqiqi, born in China in 1993, is an artist who has exhibited her work in various group shows and art fairs across different cities, including Seoul, Paris, Taiwan, Belgium, and Beijing. Her paintings feature a character named “the Cloud Girl”, who embodies the mask of the soul and travels through time and space, bringing fragments of memory to a surreal world. Despite the dark clouds that loom over her, the Cloud Girl heals her scars and impaired memories, growing bravely in her imagination and memory. Beiqiqi hopes to inspire others to come out of their clouds and live freely as themselves.

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踏入TAVA的滴水宇宙|Step into TAVA’s Drippy Universe

Antoine Tavaglione,藝名TAVA,是一位蒙特利爾的視覺藝術家,以他獨特的流行藝術、超現實主義和當代文化的融合風格吸引觀眾。1983年出生於蒙特婁,TAVA已經成為這個城市充滿活力的藝術領域的領軍人物。TAVA藝術的標誌之一是他使用明亮的顏色和大膽的線條,這兩者結合起來創造出一種運動感和能量,既俏皮又充滿活力。他的作品經常借鑒流行文化,以意想不到的方式重新想像標誌性人物和卡通人物,並探索懷舊、名人和消費主義等主題。

Antoine Tavaglione, better known as TAVA, is a Montreal-based visual artist who has been captivating audiences with his unique blend of pop art, surrealism, and contemporary culture. Born in Montreal in 1983, TAVA has become a leading figure in the city’s vibrant art scene, with his work appearing in galleries, exhibitions, and public spaces around the world. One of the hallmarks of TAVA’s art is his use of bright colors and bold lines, which combine to create a sense of movement and energy that is both playful and dynamic. His work often draws on pop culture references, reimagining iconic figures and cartoon characters in unexpected ways, and exploring themes like nostalgia, celebrity, and consumerism.

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通過藝術進行心靈的探索之旅|Exploring the landscape of heart through art


Artist Lee Hyo-sun (이효선) is a talented and insightful artist who has recently created a powerful exhibition exploring the themes of pain, healing, and self-discovery. Through her paintings, each with its own unique interpretation and story, she encourages viewers to examine their own lives and emotions, to take a closer look at the landscape of their own minds and hearts, and to find hope and comfort in the midst of pain and sorrow. Viewers could feel consoled simply by looking upon her pierced heart, offering hope that attention and care can begin the journey towards transformation.

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When AI Meets Visual Aesthetics | 當人工智能遇上視覺美學


Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the art world, enabling AI systems to generate original visual art. From generative art to AI-assisted design, machines are becoming creative collaborators and competitors. Joann, one of the most prominent AI artists today, highlights AI’s potential as an artistic medium. Her creations push the boundaries of our concept of art while provoking thoughts on the essence of “human” expression.

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由Step Creation Gallery為Affordable Art Fair 2023帶來的法國藝術家Alben,從青少年時期開始收集和儲存物品,他最初被塗鴉所吸引,第一幅畫結合了模版、絲網印刷和郵票創作而成。受到新現實主義,尤其是Arman and César的啟發,他不懈努力地進行樹脂雕塑創作已經超過十年。他對日常物品,尤其是那些被遺棄的物品的迷戀支撐著他的工作。這位藝術家全年都在世界各地的跳蚤市場淘寶,以尋找最理想的藝術創作素材。

Alben, presented by Step Creation Gallery in Affordable Art Fair 2023, has been collecting and accumulating objects since adolescence. First attracted by graffiti, his first paintings combine stencil, screen printing and stamps. Inspired by the new realists and more particularly Arman and César, his work of resin sculptures has been developing for ten years. His fascination with everyday objects and more particularly those that are abandoned underpins his work. The artist travels to flea markets all year round around the world in order to fuel his work.

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STEVEN JOHN HO | 極具90年代流行文化的幽默感

Steven John ho現居於倫敦,是一個自由身的藝術家。他擅長創作大尺幅的插畫,作品啟發自他喜愛的90年代卡通、電影和漫畫。他也是由Jonathan Jay Lee為Affordable Art Fair 2022策展的「Young Talent HK x Next Gen」展覽項目中26位新進藝術家之一。

Steven John ho is based in London, working as a freelance, commissioned artist. He specialises in large scale illustrations inspired by his love for 90s cartoons, movies and comic books. He is one of the 26 emerging artists selected by curator Jonathan Jay Lee, to be featured in “Young Talent HK x Next Gen” to exhibit works in Affordable Art Fair 2022.

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Carrie Luk是一個自由身香港插畫師。她最喜歡繪畫女孩子和漂亮的事物。她有自己的Instagram和Patreon @carriedraw,作為網上藝術創作空間,以及與廣大讀者分享藝術的平台。此外,她也十分喜歡貓和鋼管舞。

Carrie Luk is a freelance illustrator based in Hong Kong. She love drawing girls and beautiful things, and she is also lover of cats and pole dance. She started her Instagram and Patreon @carriedraw as an Artwork creating space, getting motivation from her readers to draw illustration about season or lovely things.

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