相信每個喜歡逛展覽的人,都試過被藝術品的天價嚇到,對於成為藝術收藏家,也都是望塵莫及。第八屆Affordable Art Fair將會於8月末回歸香港,以負擔得起的藝術展作為賣點,引入價格親民的作品,推廣新晉藝術家,繼續提倡人人都能成為收藏家的理念。

It is believed that everyone who likes to go to exhibitions has been surprised by the sky-high price of art works. To be an art collector, seems to be beyond our reach. The Affordable Art Fair will return to Hong Kong at the end of August, continue to take affordable art piece as selling point. They have introduced art works with reasonable price. Not only help promoting new artists, but also promoting the idea of everyone can become an art collector.

第八屆香港Affordable Art Fair 將於8月26至29日回歸香港會議展覽中心,繼續支持藝術界的發展。

 Affordable Art Fair will return to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, from 26 – 29 August, for its eighth edition; continuing its dedicated support of the art ecosystem.


The contemporary edition will showcase 40 local and international galleries with hundreds of artworks on display. In light of current circumstances, the fair will boast new features, Crossing Borders and Remote Participation which will enable galleries abroad to bring fresh international artists and artworks to the Hong Kong art-loving audience.

香港Affordable Art Fair總監張敏姿表示:「很高興香港Affordable Art Fair終於回歸並能夠回應忠實支持者們的期待。今屆藝博會將展示一眾出色的畫廊、藝術家團體及合作夥伴,合力為觀眾帶來欣賞藝術品的非凡體驗。我們花了數月的時間汲取意見及作出準備,在疫情漸趨穩定之下,我們有信心今屆及未來的藝博會將可順利舉行。」

Regina Zhang, Fair Director, says “We’re delighted that we can bring Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong back in real-life to our loyal visitors. The fair spotlights local talent with our line-up of quality galleries, artist collectives and partners, helping our audience increase their appreciation and support for the arts. Having taken the last few months to listen to the community, we’re optimistic about visitor support for this edition and also future fairs, as we move towards post pandemic recovery.” 

Affordable Art Fair向來以高透明度、友好和普及教育的精神搜羅一系列適合觀眾口味及預算的藝術品,共同推動藝術普及化。大會致力協助本地藝術人才發展事業,通過焦點活動如「Young Talent」來讓藝壇新秀展示其創意藝術,此外「特別項目」將展出大型裝置,將藝術世界百花齊放的一面完美呈現。值得留意的還有與本地慈善機構合作的「藝術治療」項目,和適合任何年齡人參與互動及展示藝術表現力的「創意集中地」。

With an ethos of transparency, friendliness and art education, the Affordable Art Fair community is building initiatives to help local talent take a step up the arts-ladder through dedicated programmes such as the Young Talent exhibition featuring Hong Kong’s young artists’ creativity, and Special Projects showcasing interactive large-scale installations, all in aid of democratizing the art world. Enhanced Wellbeing and Art Therapy programs, encompassing the fair focus on local charities, bringing interactive and expressive workshops for all ages into the Creative Hub. 

Affordable Art Fair非常重視所有參與藝博會人士的健康,故將執行香港政府《預防及控制疾病條例》的社交距離措施,並於活動期間實施大會安全政策,以確保參觀人士能夠放鬆、安心享受及選購過千件價格相宜的現代藝術品。

Adjusting to real life events in this new era, the Affordable Art Fair feels it is essential to ensure safe interactions by complying with the Prevention and Control of Disease Regulations from the Hong Kong government. Visitors will be able to enjoy, relax and buy art due to our Safe Fair Policies, including social distancing measures applied throughout the fair. 

適逢夏天的藝術旺季,香港Affordable Art Fair期待透過藝博會聚集香港一眾藝術愛好者,盡情釋放對藝術品的熱情。

Taking pride of place as the pinnacle of the summer, Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong will honor the people of Hong Kong and their passion for art. We look forward to elevating the excitement and embracing compassion as we bring the community together, once again in the celebration of the arts. 

香港Affordable Art Fair將於2021年8月26至29日假香港會議展覽中心舉行,如欲了解更多,可瀏覽官方網頁、 註冊電郵以接收更多資訊、或追蹤官方社交平台Facebook 及Instagram。 

Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong will take place, 26 – 29 August 2021, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. For more information, please visit the website, where you can sign up to the mailing list for updates, plus follow the action on Facebook and Instagram. 

Affordable Art Fair 2021


VIP 私人預覽(只限受邀人士)VIP Preview (by invitation only) – 2021.8.26

開放之夜 Opening Night – 2021.8.26

公眾開放時段 Public Opening Hours – 2021.8.27-29

公眾開放–家庭時段 Public Opening Hours – Family Morning – 2021.8.28-29


VIP 私人預覽(只限受邀人士)VIP Preview (by invitation only) – Thursday 12:30-16:00

開放之夜 Opening Night – Thursday 16:00-20:00

公眾開放時段 Public Opening Hours – Friday 11:00-20:00, Saturday 12:00-19:00, Sunday 12:00-17:00

公眾開放–家庭時段 Public Opening Hours – Family Morning – Saturday 10:00-12:00, Sunday 10:00-12:00



Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Courtesy to Affordable Art Fair and the artists

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