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13世紀神道會神父聖多瑪斯阿奎納列曾舉出各種惡七宗罪行的表現,分別是貪食、好色、貪財、傷悲、憤怒、懶惰、自負及驕傲。而英國插畫家Alex Gamsu Jenkins將這七種人類最醜陋的惡行,畫成一幅又一幅怪誕奇異的漫畫,將我們不願承認的現實毫無保留的、血淋淋的呈現出來。

The seven deadly sins are seven behaviors or feelings that lead to more sin, according to Roman Catholic theology. They are pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. The British illustrator Alex Gamsu Jenkins has turned these seven worst human sins into bizarre caricatures, presenting the reality we don’t want to admit without reservation.

Alex Gamsu Jenkins是一名英國插畫家,在社交媒體上少有名氣,畫風怪異獨特,看似很重口味,認真欣賞會發現每一幅都正在諷刺人類的黑暗面,而且一針見血,生動地描繪出我們内心黑暗的一面。

Alex Gamsu Jenkins is a British illustrator who is active on social media. The style of his drawings is strange and unique, or somehow can be said to be a bit hardcore. But when we appreciate the drawings seriously, we will discover that every single one of them are a satire on the dark side of humanity straight to the point.


What Alex originally wanted to create was animation. He had been practicing how to create animation, but the orderly sketching would often end up looking on paper like rough comic. Although his dream is to be an animator, the illustrator still enjoys the process of telling a story from four squares. “My work is an interpretation of the everyday absurdity of life through a colorful but eerie lens,” he said.


His cartoons use bold and bright colors that shows stronger contrasts. The protagonists are in the setting of human beings, but you can always see the characters wearing human appearance with colorful skin to show their different situation. For example, when he wants to depict an evil person, the character will have a red skin that looks like a demon.


The comics are hardcore, but isn’t human heart is more disgusting?

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