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西區公眾貨物裝卸區近年以「港版天空之鏡」之名在社交媒體上一舉成名,人群蜂擁而至到此「打卡」,因此也被譽爲Instagram Pier,但很不幸地本年年初碼頭宣佈封閉。四年前旅居香港的Pierfrancesco Celada忽爾發現到這個地方,並為這個轟動一時的拍照聖地留下了近三萬張倩影。

The Western Public Cargo Working Area has sprung into fame on social media in recent years as “Hong Kong’s version of the mirror in the sky”. Since then, crowds flocked to the pier to take pictures for the Instagram. Therefore, the pier is named as the “Instagram Pier”as well but it was unfortunately closed earlier this year. Four years ago, Pierfrancesco Celada, who was living in Hong Kong, discovered the place and took nearly 30, 000 pictures of it.

Pierfrancesco Celada是一名意大利籍的獨立攝影師,於2014年移居香港並住在堅尼地城。他偶然有次來到西環碼頭,觀察到有爲數不少的人在這裡做著不同的事,有很多人更是遠程而來,人們擺著各種姿勢和表情,單純就是為了一張「IG-able」的相片。

Pierfrancesco Celada is an Italian independent photographer who moved to Hong Kong in 2014 and lived in Kennedy Town. Once he came to the pier by chance and noticed that there were a large number of people here doing different things. Many of them even came from far away. They strike different postures and expressions merely for one photo that is “post-able” for the Instagram.


His attention was drawn by the interesting pictures of the place so that he made regular visits to record what he saw with his camera. He had even opened an account @insta.pier to record one after another visitors of the pier.


He even describe the pier as the “extension of home” in the community which is like a big and public balcony facing the Victoria Habour. This is because the place allows all kinds of activities and people to exist. For Hong Kong to having a place with such power of cohesion is very rare.


It is a pity that we can no longer get access to the pier where we can only recall the good old days through this photo. But behind the beautiful scenery, have we tried to treasure and cherish this place?

Chinese shadows at the pier, 2017

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