When AI Meets Visual Aesthetics | 當人工智能遇上視覺美學


Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the art world, enabling AI systems to generate original visual art. From generative art to AI-assisted design, machines are becoming creative collaborators and competitors. Joann, one of the most prominent AI artists today, highlights AI’s potential as an artistic medium. Her creations push the boundaries of our concept of art while provoking thoughts on the essence of “human” expression.


The diverse array of Joann’s artwork includes inflatable reproductions of famous landmarks, intriguing portraits, and dreamlike environments crafted with intricate details, as well as collaborative pieces with brands such as Adidas, Nike and GCDS. Her unique 3D images, Inflatable Wonders, also offered a vision of how AI can contribute to creative expression. By combining millions of data points about famous landmarks, Joann generated novel interpretations that integrate elements of realism and abstraction. Some of her most well-known inflatable artworks include versions of the Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu and the Eiffel Tower. The inflatable images blend realistic details with the AI’s own surreal twists and manipulations of shape, color and proportion. The exaggerated scale and distorted shapes in Joann’s artworks give familiar sites an otherworldly and surreal aura.


The dreamlike quality and playful experimentation in Joann’s images highlight the unhindered, intuitive approach that AI systems can bring to artistic creation. While still invoking recognizable forms, Joann manipulates contours, colors and details in original ways that traditional human artists might not conceive. The results showcase the uncanny synergies that can arise when machine logic intersects with notions of aesthetic value and visual appeal.

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Photo courtesy to the artist

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