Hong Kong Streets Rendered in Pixel Art | 像素藝術之中步入香港


Hong Kong is a city that is constantly evolving, consisting more than 4000 streets, with each being unique in its name and structure. However, the unique beauty of Hong Kong’s landscape is often forgotten or lost in the fast-paced urban environment. The once vivid imagery often becomes a blurry memory from the past. The distinctive structural lines fade away into pixelated images. Hong Kong Street Club has captured the essence of Hong Kong’s streets in a unique and surreal way, using pixel art to bring the city to life.

Why it matters:

Whatever. Coffee 將會與HKSC一起舉辦一個像素圖藝術展覽。此展覽將標誌性地點,如維多利亞港;廟街牌坊;深水埗雷生春;裕民坊等, 以一格格的像素呈現在虛擬世界當中。參觀者被帶入進夢幻且具有反差感的城市景觀之中, 那裡奇特的交通方式與摩天大樓並存, 大幅像素圖以積木砌成,呼應著香港都市化的繁榮。

Whatever. Coffee will be hosting an exhibition of Hong Kong Street Club’s pixelated artwork. The exhibition features iconic landmarks such as Victoria Harbour, Temple Street, Sham Shui Po, and Kwun Tong, all rendered in pixel art format. Visitors are transported to urban landscapes imbued with dreamlike contracts, where unusual methods of transportation co-exist with skyscrapers and pixel blocks construct visions that mirror Hong Kong’s rapid urbanization.

3 Highlights:

  • 《沉沒成本》將曾經輝煌的珍貴海鮮舫重現眼前,並慢慢駛至燈光璀璨的維港。舊日的美好抵達繁華鬧市,卻被無情的城市嫌棄並淹沒。
  • One of the highlights of the exhibition is “The Cost of Sinking,” which depicts the iconic Jumbo Floating Restaurant slowly sailing into the vibrant Victoria Harbour, the glamour of the old times was despised and eventually got sunken by the ruthless city.

  • 《美味無味》的背景是令人聞風喪膽的竹蒿灣,前面卻是夢幻的雪糕車,當童年回憶遇上成年陰影會怎樣?
  • With the dreadful Penny’s Bay as the backdrop, “The Tasteless Taste” features the dreamy ice cream truck as the main subject. What happens when your childhood memory faces your biggest nightmare?

  • 《I go to school by cow》描繪出正在重建的裕民坊,而騎在新界牛的我們以及一眾老店卻趕不上變化。曾經風光一時的特色建築被拆毀,換來是倒膜式大廈。
  • “I Go to School by Cow” illustrates the rebuilding of Yue Man Square in Kwun Tong, while citizens have troubles moving forward and can only reminisce about the past.

Background: HK Street Club

香港街道所(Hong Kong Street Club),是一個以推廣香港藝術和文化為宗旨的社群,將香港標誌性的地點 作為設計靈感。HKSC希望捕捉這座 城市獨特的文化和個性,把香港街道上的人、事、物,透過多元化的 藝術展示給每一位走過街道的你。

The Hong Kong Street Club (HKSC) is a community that aims to promote Hong Kong’s art and culture, using the city’s iconic locations as inspiration for its design. HKSC hopes to capture the city’s unique culture and personality, bringing the people, events and objects of Hong Kong’s streets to everyone who walks past them through a diverse range of art.

Final Tips:


Take a moment to admire the beauty of our surroundings!

Whatever. Coffee ✖️ HKSC

2023.06.08 – 2023.06.30

Shop B, G/F, 172 Tai Nan Street, Sham Shui Po

Courtesy of Whatever. Coffee and the Artists

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