French May Arts Festival 2022, in collaboration with various galleries and artists, is delighted to unbox the community with numerous exhibitions across May and June, allowing audiences to immerse in modern and contemporary art as well as photography.

Why it matters:
這是接觸法國文化藝術的大好機會,藝術和展覽愛好者不容錯過,其中九個精選展覽包括香港奧佩拉畫廊呈獻的《如夢如幻:安德烈・布拉吉利的畫中風景》、藝倡畫廊第五次為舉世聞名的法國華裔抽象畫家趙無極(1921-2013)舉行的個展、香港大學美術博物館呈獻的《時間的漫遊》、安全口畫廊為法裔藝術家曼樂婷(Daphné Mandel)舉辦的個展《俯仰之間》、白石畫廊展出法國畫家克萊門特・丹尼斯、澤維爾・範舍爾和日本藝術家塩沢凱倫畫作的群展《對比的匯合》、Sin Sin Fine Art呈獻的《文森・漆個人展覽》、JPS畫廊呈獻法國藝術家朱利・馬爾斯・圖森首次個人展《流動的生活》、JPS畫廊呈獻法國藝術家朱利・馬爾斯・圖森首次個人展《流動的生活》,以及法裔藝術家chaussette b.在她典型50年代的⻑洲⽼屋中舉辦的沉浸式展覽《SANS BRUME》。

It is an art exposure to French culture not to be missed by art lovers and exhibition goers. Here are nine highlighted exhibitions including “Reverie: Landscapes by André Brasilier” in Opera Gallery Hong Kong, fifth solo exhibition of Alisan Fine Arts for renowned Chinese-French artist Zao Wou-ki (1921-2013), “Adrift in Time—Photography by Chun Wai” by The University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong, “Hong Kong Time Rift” by French artist Daphné Mandel in Gallery EXIT, “Contrasting Confluences”, a group exhibition featuring French paintings by Clément Denis, Fabien Verschaere and Japanese artist Karen Shiozawa by Whitestone, “Retrospective (2012-2022) Wensen Qi (Vincent Cazeneuve)” by Sin Sin Fine Art, “Life’s Currents” featuring works of French artist Julieth Mars Toussaint by JPS Gallery, “Vivian Maier – Self Portraits” by f22 foto, and “SANS BRUME”, an intimate exhibition held a Cheung Chau’s typical 50s house by French artist chaussette b..

9 Highlights:

“Reverie: Landscapes by André Brasilier” will take us into the realm of surreal romance created by the French painter, populated by spirited horses, enchanted forests, classical and jazz music, candied snowfall and pensive women lit by moonlight.
2022.5.20 – 6.11
Opera Gallery Hong Kong, Shop G08-09, The Galleria, 9 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

“Zao Wou-ki” is the fifth solo exhibition of Alisan Fine Arts for renowned Chinese-French artist Zao Wou-ki (1921-2013), tracing Zao’s extensive career works from 1949 to 2004, including oil paintings, ink paintings, watercolour and print. Also on display is a selection of archival material highlighting the longstanding friendship between the gallery and the artist.
2022.6.15 – 9.9
Alisan Fine Arts, 21/F, Lyndhurst Tower, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

“Adrift in Time—Photography by Chun Wai” is an exhibition of photographs taken by Chun Wai in France in the 1990s. Born in Hong Kong and educated at the École supérieure des beaux-arts de Mulhouse, the artist toured Europe on a quest for the beginning of time, understanding that everything he photographed had a finite start and end.
2022.5.20 – 9.25
University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong

《俯仰之間》展示法裔藝術家曼樂婷(Daphné Mandel)一系列反映香港過去與現在的組合圖像的混合媒體紙本及錄像新作,靈感來自藝術家近期對香港隱藏的廢墟和被時間遺忘的廢棄物業的探索。
“Hong Kong Time Rift” will showcase French artist Daphné Mandel’s assembled imagery reflecting Hong Kong’s past and present through a series of new mixed media works on paper and videos, inspired by the artist’s recent explorations of Hong Kong’s hidden ruins and abandoned properties forgotten in the passage of time.
2022.4.30 – 5.28
Gallery EXIT, 3/F, Blue Box Factory Building, 25 Hing Wo St, Aberdeen, Hong Kong 

“Contrasting Confluences” showcases a selection of acrylic and watercolour on paper, spanning a variety of approaches from abstraction to figuration. Each offers nuanced ways of looking, interpreting, and representing the world through highly subjective forms, questioning the value of symbols and the identity that a self-image can convey in the eyes of others.
2022.5.3 – 6.30
香港中環皇后大道中80號 H Queen’s 7-8樓白石畫廊
Whitestone Gallery, 7-8/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong 

“Retrospective (2012-2022) Wensen Qi (Vincent Cazeneuve)” showcases Wensen Qi’s work from 2012 to 2022. Deeply touched by the aesthetics of the nature, Qi has explored the integration of lacquer with lithography, engraving, relief piling, mosaic collage and incrustations.
2022.5.13 – 6.30
香港仔黃竹坑道26號建德工業大廈Sin Sin Fine Art
Sin Sin Fine Art, Kin Teck Industrial Building, 26 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Aberdeen, Hong Kong 

.In an era of profound change and in the face of an uncertain future for all human beings, Julieth Mars Toussaint’ “Life’s Currents” invites viewers to pay attention to our feelings and life experiences through his use of light, colours, lines, textures and movements by being completely present in the current moment without any distractions.
2022.6.24 – 7.23
香港中環皇后大道中15號置地廣塲中庭2樓218-219號舖JPS Gallery
JPS Gallery, Shops 218-219, 2/F, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong 

《鏡像真我》展出被譽為當代其中一位最具影響力的街拍攝影師Vivian Maier的作品。Maier的經典自拍讓我們得以由她作為旁觀者的冷峻眼光,以及淡漠而不入世的鏡頭,窺探她如何透過攝影意圖建構並確立自己與世界的關係。
“Vivian Maier – Self Portraits” showcases works of creative genius, Vivian Maier. Maier’s striking self portraits series offers a glimpse of the way she established her relations with the outside world, while shedding light onto the neglected beauty in everyday life through her perspective as a distant observer and “a kind of spy”.
2022.5.4 – 8.31
香港九龍梳士巴利道香港半島酒店商場BW 11及BW 13號f22攝影空間
f22 foto space, BW 11 & BW 13, The Peninsula Hotel, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Shui

《SANS BRUME》探索藝術家chaussette b.⾃⼰的⼤腦機制,⿎勵⾃⼰擺脫酒癮,理解無數與酒精相關的神經連結。從繪畫到刺繡,藉着不同載體,chaussette b.與你分享節制與清醒的美好,及不期⽽⾄的發現。
.Through different media from painting to embroidery in the exhibition “SANS BRUME”, chaussette b. shares the benefits and unexpected discoveries associated with moderation and sobriety. In “SANS BRUME”, the artist explores her brain mechanisms to encourage it to break her alcohol addiction and understand the numerous neural connections associated to alcohol.
2022.5.6 – 5.29
香港長洲北社新村chaussette b.工作室
chaussette b. studio, Pak She San Tsuen, Cheung Chau island, Hong Kong

Background – French May Arts Festival:

Established in 1993, French May is one of the largest cultural events in Asia. With about 100 programmes presented across 2 months. It showcase the most diversified art forms: from heritage and contemporary arts, paintings and design, to classical music and hip-hop dance, cinema and circus. It has become an iconic part of Hong Kong’s cultural scene reaching out to 20 million visitors since its inception.

Final Tips:

Through this selection of exhibitions, viewers will not only discover the beauty in arts, but also insights and reflections induced by the extensive and diversified works sprinkled with French elements.

Courtesy to French May Arts Festival and the artists

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