香港是一座色彩絢麗、霓虹閃爍的城市。這個五光十色特點使其與街頭藝術完美契合。Gustav Szabo,也稱為 Szabotage,是居住在香港的當代英國城市藝術家和設計師,他以街頭藝術的形式來突出香港的美。

Hong Kong is a city of striking colors and blinding neon lights. Such a glamorous characteristic causes urban art to be the perfect art form to capture the core of the city. Gustav Szabo, also known as Szabotage, is a contemporary British urban artist and designer based in Hong Kong who uses street art to highlight the beauty of his surroundings.

Szabo 擁有建築學的學歷,這使他對周圍環境特別敏感。 他經常參考各個大都市的景觀,研究城市建築與其社區之間的聯繫。 他活躍於街頭藝術領域,這使得他受到當地和國際城市藝術協會的廣泛關注和歡迎。

Szabo has an architectural educational background which led him to take a critical view of his environment. He often makes close references to the landscape of urban metropolises, looking into the connection between urban architecture and their communities. He became active in the field of street art, receiving lots of attention and love from the local and international urban art societies.

Szabo 的每一件作品都為他提供了機會去挑戰人們對現實的看法、觀點和各種假設。 Szabo 的藝術作品主要圍繞著兩個主題:大膽的創新和富有視覺衝擊力的色彩。 通過對現實的大膽改造以及各種「重建」和「翻新」,Szabo 創造了一系列與城市景觀有關的藝術品。

Every piece of his artwork offers him opportunities to create experimental projects that challenge people’s views, perspectives, and assumptions. Szabo’s art exploration surrounds two major themes: boldness and colors. Through the process of decontextualizing and reconstructing, intriguing artworks that encapsulate the urban landscape are created. 

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