Romain Jacquet Lagreze:香港角落小故事|STORIES FROM THE CORNERS OF HONG KONG

說起香港,你會想起甚麼? 一個不夜之城? 燒賣魚蛋等之街頭小吃? 還是美麗的海港景色? 常駐香港的法國攝影師 Romain Jacquet Lagreze 把鏡頭轉向那些不起眼的角落,將這些常被忽略小故事呈現給更多觀眾。

What are your general impressions of Hong Kong? Exciting nightlife? Local snacks like shumai? Or the beautiful harbor view? Romain Jacquet Lagreze, a French photographer based in Hong Kong, turns his lens and focuses on the unnoticeable lives of locals, projecting these small stories to a bigger audience.

於2018年開始的「Concrete Stories」系列捕捉香港居民的日常生活,尤其是住在舊區唐樓的人們。該系列展示了當地居民如何適應狹窄的居住環境,盡可能在這個狹窄的城市中發掘出更多能使用的空間,物盡其用。這些樓房的屋頂大多數都沒有上鎖,因此當地人可以隨意使用。然而,因為時代的更替,這些建築物的數量一直在減少。

The series “Concrete Stories”, started in 2018, captures the daily lives of Hong Kong inhabitants, especially people from tenement buildings from old districts. The collection presents how local residents adapt to the limited environment, utilizing the accessible space in this cramped city. Most of the rooftops of these buildings are not locked so that it is accessible for locals to use at their disposal. However, the number of these buildings has been decreasing. The land is prioritized for commercial purposes to build higher and more modern buildings. 


Romain’s photographs practice the contrast of light. The light and shadow establish a focal point in the story. Emphasizing individuals with sunlight is similar to the spotlighted protagonists on the stage of a musical. The series presents the mundane lives of regular people in an urbanized city to contrast the glamourous city life that surrounds them.

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