縱使在這座熟悉的城市長大和生活,我們往往都會忽視了她的美麗。英國藝術家兼設計師 Louise Hill 通過數碼藝術、平面設計、插圖和攝影去捕捉香港風景的特色與獨特之處。

Growing up and living in a familiar place, we often neglect the beauty of our surroundings. British artist and designer Louise Hill captures the essence of Hong Kong’s scenery, distinct characteristics, and attractions through digital art, graphic design, illustration, and photography.             

Hill走遍大江南北,她被亞洲城市的色彩和活力所吸引。她原先定居上海,後來又曾移居香港,現在定居於新加坡。 她的作品結合了亞洲街道上最具標誌性的景點和物品,裡頭錯綜複雜的細節和設計將她的熱情展露無遺。

Hill has traveled all around Asia. She falls in love with the vibrant colors and high energy of the cities. She first settled in Shanghai, then moved to Hong Kong, and is now based in Singapore. Her passion for her work can be seen through the intricate details and complexity in her designs, combining the most iconic sights and objects of the streets of Asia.


The artist also spent a significant amount of effort and time in creating fine prints that exhibit the glamorous view of Hong Kong. She aims to show the chaotic energy and vibrant colors of Hong Kong to her audience, offering the most culturally authentic vision of the city. Her graphic designs require careful planning of the perfect balance and symmetry, which produces a form of structural order in the midst of the frenzy.

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