繁華的都市往往都伴隨著讓人眼花瞭亂的建築。 波蘭設計師 Michal Pecko 分享了他如何從極簡主義的濾鏡中重新看待這個世界,將華麗而又複雜的環境簡化為純粹的線條和其原本的形狀。

There is a sense of intricacy and complexity within architecture and our surroundings. Polish designer Michal Pecko shares how he reinvented the world with a minimalist lens, reducing the ornate environments to the essence of mere lines and shapes. 

Pecko 在格但斯克美術學院完成了他的學業,並在幾年後成為該學院的講師。 他主要專注於建築、設計和圖形,並且對書籍出版非常感興趣。他的作品主要都是圍繞著公共空間的設計,例如農村和城市。 他喜歡在他的作品中加入一些自己的想法, 讓自己沉浸在那個屬於他的空間之中。

Pecko completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in ​​Gdańsk and became a lecturer at the Academy a few years later. He mainly focuses on architecture, design, and graphics; and is very interested in book publishing. His works are predominantly about the design of public spaces, such as rural areas and cities. He loves incorporating his ideas in his works as it allows him to immerse himself in the space he reinvented.

Pecko的作品充滿著極簡主義。 通過簡約而又精密的設計,他把各個平平無奇的地方重新塑造成一個生動多彩的新空間。各種幾何圖形的堆疊更是使作品栩栩如生,令人彷如走進了屬於動漫的二次元世界。不費一兵一卒,Pecko單靠極簡的線條和幾何形狀便能讓人身臨其境,目不暇给。

Pecko’s works are heavily influenced by minimalism. Through a simple but precise design, he reinvented all the ordinary places into a vivid and colorful new space. The stacking of various geometric figures brings the works to life, creating a visual illusion of being in the two-dimensional world of animation. With the minimalist lines and elegant shapes, Pecko’s works present an atmospheric imagery effortlessly.

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