人非聖賢,孰能無過。我們也許並不完美,充滿瑕疵、缺陷。但我們並不應該因此而逃避。義大利漫畫家 Giulia Rosa透過一系列震撼人心的漫畫插圖來鼓勵我們勇敢地面對和接受自己的真面目。

Being humans, we are known to make mistakes, and we are by nature imperfect beings. Italian comic artist Giulia Rosa encourages us to face our insecurities and accept who we truly are through her inspiring and impactful illustrations.


These artworks all contain a motivational message, a life lesson that promotes self-love. Her works may be visually minimalistic, but the depth and weight that it carries are great with insightful visions. It is normal to feel helpless and anxious, yet having flaws and making mistakes enable us to grow from errors and trials. Rosa uses her work to share her emotions with the audience such as having anxiety and fear. Through the act of sharing and admitting our insecurities, it actually alleviates the negative emotions as compared to bottling it all up from denial.


Rosa shares with us the importance of self-love and self-appreciation through the thought-provoking and wholesome advice from her art. We face criticisms and judgments every day, but other’s words should not be equivalent to self-worth. Other’s opinions should not cause you to fall into the endless pit of self-loathing. Learning how to appreciate ourselves is a difficult lesson that we struggle with as we live in a highly competitive society. However, there is only one “you” and no one knows you better than yourself, your highs and lows, your strengths and weaknesses.

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