Have you ever thought that abandoned products could one day become an important “cultural heritage”? Through the new exhibition “Poetic Heritage”, Tai Kwun Contemporary introduces the broad definition of heritage through their attempts to redefine discarded objects and various forgotten stories as cultural heritage.

Why it matters:

「詩意遺產」匯聚了六位來自香港和世界各地的藝術家和藝術家團體,探討遺產與當代藝術的關係。 展覽的一個主題是研究將廢棄物品轉化為「文化遺產」的可能性。 藝術家們透過討論藝術作品、文化遺產和碎片殘骸的定義,從而確定什麼是值得保留的。 此外,展覽的另外一個主題是鑽研遺產本質與同質概念的問題,這些議題很大機會會導致非主流群體及其價值觀被邊緣化。

The “Poetic Heritage” gathers 6 artists and artist groups from Hong Kong and other countries to explore the relationship between heritage and contemporary art. One critical theme of the exhibition is to examine the possibility of transforming discarded objects as “heritage”. The artists explore the definition of art, heritage, and debris in a bid to determine what is worth preserving. The exhibition also dives into the identity matters concerning the essentialist and homogeneous meanings of cultural heritage which causes marginalisation of minorities and their values.

4 Highlights:

  • 外國藝術家 Alfredo 與 Isabel Aquilizan(菲律賓)、Ursula Biemann(瑞士)與 Paulo Tavares(巴西)、Jorge Otero-Pailos(西班牙/美國),及本地藝術家陳麗同、梁美萍、 尹麗娟對歷史文化遺產提出了見解,並思考其與當代問題之間的關係。
  • Each of the artists—Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan (the Philippines), Ursula Biemann (Switzerland) & Paulo Tavares (Brazil), and Jorge Otero-Pailos (Spain/US) from overseas, and local artists Leelee Chan, Leung Mee-ping, and Wan Lai-kuen Annie— offers insight into heritage and its relationship to contemporary issues.

  • 參展藝術家以創意來作出回應和介入,推動遺產保育成為既主動又富有創意的過程,產生與當代世界和我們共同的未來相關的想法。
  • The artists in the exhibition seek to open up a way for heritage conservation to become an active and creative process that generates relatable ideas connected to the contemporary world and our common future.
  • 展覽也藉此探討傳統 遺產哪些應原封保留,哪些需要重新想像與重塑,以及個人對此有多大的掌控和自主權。
  • The exhibition reflects on the degree of power and agency individuals have in determining what is retained and reimagined of our own heritage.

  • 「詩意遺產」策展人譚學能表示:「是次展覽旨在創造一個跨界對話的平台,促使遺產及當代藝術反思其實踐,並將過去最重要和珍貴的部分與現在串連起來。」
  • Tam Hok-nang Alex, curator of the exhibition, said, “Poetic Heritage aims to create a common ground that facilitates conversations across disciplines, so that heritage and contemporary art can reflect on their practices and develop new ways of allowing the most significant and valuable aspects of the past to resonate with the present.”

Background: Cultural Heritage

  • 文化遺產,又可稱文化資產、文化財產或文化財,是指具有歷史、藝術、科學等文化保存價值,並經政府機構或國際組織指定或登錄之物品。
  • Cultural heritage, also called cultural assets, cultural property, or cultural property, refers to items that have historical, artistic, scientific, and other cultural preservation values and are designated or registered by government agencies or international organizations.

  • 文化遺產記載了人類的生活痕跡,因此人們可以發掘歷史上人們的生活狀況。概念上分為「有形文化遺產」和「無形文化遺產」。
  • Cultural heritage records the traces of human life, so people can discover the living conditions of people in history. It is conceptually divided into “tangible cultural heritage” and “intangible cultural heritage”.

  • 「有形文化遺產」即傳統意義上的「文化遺產」,包括歷史文物、歷史建築、人類文化遺址。
  • “Tangible cultural heritage” which means “cultural heritage” in the traditional sense, including historical relics, historical buildings, and cultural sites of humanity.

  • 「無形文化遺產」的定義則指:被各團體、有時為個人視為其文化遺產的各種實踐、表演、表現形式、知識和技能及其有關的工具、實物、工藝品和文化場所。
  • The definition of “intangible cultural heritage” refers to the various practices, performances, expressions, knowledge, skills, and related tools, objects, handicrafts, and cultural sites that are regarded as cultural heritage by various groups and sometimes individuals.

Source: Wikipedia

Final Tips: 


Do you know that one of the artworks in the exhibition, “Sound of Silence”, is made from debris collected by Hong Kong artist Leung Mee-ping for numerous years.

「詩意遺產」 Poetic Heritage


 2021.9.2 – 2021.11.21


Tuesday to Sunday 11:00 – 19:00



2/F, Block 14, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

Courtesy to Tai Kwun and the Artists

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