中國山水畫聞名於以淺淡的色彩和水墨來捕捉自然世界的精髓和神韻。居於香港的藝術家Muki Ling以中國古典山水畫為靈感,以電腦繪畫和油畫創作出如夢似幻的風景畫。

Chinese landscape painting is known for capturing the spirit and essence of the natural world through subtle colors with the high command of ink and watercolors. Hong Kong-based artist Muki Ling creates dreamy landscape paintings land of familiar landscapes with digital art and oil paintings.


Ling has a distinct style in all her works. Her modern take on vibrant colors combining with the fluidity in lines, reminiscent of classical Chinese landscape paintings, creates an overall refreshing and novel imagery. The incorporation of lines is a common element in all her works. The continuous extension of lines establishes space, granting the canvas shape and form. It also defines the time. The curve and swelling of the lines show the number of years the mountains have stood and how long they witness the passing of time.


Chinese culture is the culture that Ling grew up with and knows the most about. Through her paintings, the audience is able to sense her strong appreciation and love for Chinese painting and literature. Her own imagination and emotions are inscribed in the paintings which can be seen through the textures of oil paintings. Each stroke represents movement and dynamics, making the landscapes come to life through her vivid drawings. Ling wishes that her fantastical and spiritual landscape can cause the audience to leap into her own imaginary world.

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