The transformation from a little fishing port to cosmopolitan city has been a familiar Hong Kong history story for all of us, but have we ever delve into the stories behind? The Hong Kong Maritime is presenting the latest exhibition – “Maritime Crossroads: Millenia of Global Trade in Hong Kong”, bringing audience back to 6000 years ago to two parallel universes. Let us embark on a journey to explore the HK maritime trading history and the city’s maritime interconnection with the rest of the world at once.

是次展覽由香港海事博物館策劃及主辦,展示兩個平行發展但密切相關的精彩海事故事。第一個探討香港的海事歷史發展,第二個則研究香港與華南、東亞和世界各地之間的海洋互動。展覽以「盧亭」人魚雕塑為開端,由盧亭的傳說帶出香港人與海洋的淵源,再以一共250件展品 闡述香港的海事故事,當中包括歷史藝術品、最新的本地考古發現、3D還原的古代石刻,以及兩個於西貢火石洲海域出水的十九世紀西式大炮。

Maritime Crossroads: Millenia of Global Trade in Hong Kong runs from 3 June to 12 August 2021. Opening with a sculpture of Lo Ting, the mythical merman that speaks to the maritime roots of people in Hong Kong, the exhibition showcases 250 exhibits and artefacts including historic ceramics and paintings, latest local archaeological discoveries, a 3D print of an ancient rock carving, and two 19th century cannonades recovered from the seabed near Sai Kung, possibly used by pirates.

「盧亭」人魚塑像,玻璃纖維,1998 年,何慶基先生借展;Merman Lo Ting sculptur,Oscar Ho Hing Kay,1998,On loan from Mr. Oscar Ho Hing Kay

觀眾更可以體驗數碼化的本館珍藏「真蒂洛尼家族原藏中國貿易港繪畫系列」,以及由香港大學地理學系製作的香港海岸線地理訊息系 統示範。展覽由「海洋傳統的孕育」、「海貿與文化交匯」、「遠洋探索與接觸」、「環球一 體與互動」和「飛躍世界大舞臺」五個部分組成十個主題,隨時序發展,將香港的海事故事交 織到全球視野中。參觀者可以踏上激動人心的海上探索之旅,體驗東方之珠海上6,000年的歷史轉變,並展望未來。

Audiences can also engage with an immersive digital display of the museum’s important 18th century Gentiloni painting, and a demonstration of the reclamation of Hong Kong’s coastal line in the Victoria Harbour produced by the Department of Geography, The University of Hong Kong. Organised and curated by the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, this exhibition displays two parallel yet highly connected narratives. The first examines the maritime stories of Hong Kong, whilst the second examines maritime interactions between Hong Kong, South China, East Asia, and the rest of the world. Five sections, namely ‘Tracing the Maritime Roots’, ‘Meeting Points of Trade and Culture’, ‘Wonders and Encounters’, ‘Integration and Interaction’ and ‘Standing on the World Stage’, with ten anchoring themes arranged in chronological order interweave the Hong Kong maritime stories into global perspectives.

「臨海而居、靠海吃海,我們的生活與海洋密不可分。多年來的各種海上活動、交流及貿易, 海洋對我們的影響不單止流於表面,海洋特性,如靈活應變,其實一早已經深植在香港、在我 們的基因內。是次展覽亦特別展示有關水下考古及香港歷史的故事,配合本地中學的新中史課程內容。」香港海事博物館副總監 (策展及藏品) 陳麗碧博士說道。

“This exhibition illustrates the concepts of crossroads, flows, transitions, migration, and settlement through the circulations not only of commodities but also of people, their cultures, and their stories,” says Prof. Joost Schokkenbroek, Hong Kong Maritime Museum Director.

Dr. Libby Chan, Assistant Director (Curatorial & Collection) of HKMM adds, “surrounded by the sea and depending on maritime resources, our lives are inseparably connected with the ocean. The long history of our activities at sea, our trading and cross-cultural interactions has deep roots in Hong Kong’s heritage, and is still highly relevant today. The exhibition is also educational in a sense that its refreshing stories and underwater archaeological evidence complement the new Chinese History syllabus of secondary schools in Hong Kong,”

展覽期間,香港海事博物館亦將舉辦一連串活動,包括「海事文化沙龍」講座系列、策展人導 賞,以及公眾教育活動,以推動有關香港海事歷史及文化遺產的討論。詳情稍後公佈。

A series of talks, entitled ‘Maritime Culture Salon’, a curator’s tour and education programmes will take place during the exhibition period to encourage discussions on topics in Hong Kong maritime history and heritage.

大浪灣石刻三維打印複製品,香港西貢大浪西灣,香港理工大學工程學院三維打印技術中心,實驗室借展;3D printing of rock carving at Big Wave Bay Bronze Age,Big Wave Bay, Sai Kung, Hong Kong,On loan from the University Research Facility in 3D Printing (U3DP), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Maritime Crossroads: Millenia of Global Trade in Hong Kong
2021.6.3 – 8.12
Time: Monday to Friday 09:30 – 17:30, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday 10:00 – 19:00
Central Pier No.8, Hong Kong

Courtesy of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum

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