動盪事勢中的新晉藝術家 | Young Artists in Tumultuous Times

不少新晉藝術家起初很難發展其事業,對於未來感到迷茫。2020年的社會運動和肺炎疫情,爲應屆藝術畢業生帶來更大的挑戰。參加10 號贊善里畫廊《香港起動20》的新晉藝術家卻無懼動盪不穩的時勢,從中找到啟發,創作出令人深思的藝術品。

The path of an emerging artist can be a treacherous one in the beginning as one finds their footing in the world. The year 2020 was particularly challenging for new artists as they had to adapt to changing circumstances. However, the young artists featured in Chancery Lane Galley’s HKFORWARD20 exhibition find inspiration in troubled times, creating a wide variety of thought-provoking art pieces.

自2012 年始,10 號贊善里畫廊透過《香港起動》 致力於挖掘香港新興藝術家並支持本地藝術家群體。本展覽為應屆畢業生提供與本地及國際藝術圈交流的機會,並鼓勵他們作為藝術家築夢踏實。

Since 2012, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery is devoted to offer a first gallery exhibition to emerging Hong Kong artists and support the local artist’s community with the annual HKFOREWORD exhibition. The exhibition encourages fresh art graduates to pursue their career as a practicing artist and provide them the opportunity to connect with both the local and international art community.

今屆將展出的藝術家與藝術品十分多元,包括繪畫,雕塑,珠寶,混合媒體,紡織品,版畫和裝置。觀眾將通過此次展覽了解本地藝術畢業生的創意,原創性和激情。藝術家們分別是:鄭鈺汶、張馨儀、鍾詠堤、奚金蘭、Katrina Mendoza Raimann、鄧曉琪、湯文強、王彥培、黃君皓和黃詩慧。

The diverse group of artists and artworks selected this year include paintings, sculptures, jewellery, mixed media, textile work, prints and installations. The audience is invited to engage with the new crop of creativity, originality and passion from the local art graduates, who are: Toast Cheng Yuk Man, Sophie Cheung Hing Yee, Jessica, Chung Wing Tai, Kimmy Hai Kam Lan, Katrina Mendoza Raimann, Kate Tang Hiu Ki, Felix Tang, Isaac Wong, Wong Kwan Ho, Wong Sze Wai.

關於藝術家 | About the Artists

鄭鈺汶 (Toast)
鄭鈺汶畢業於城市大學創意媒體學院。她主要以攝影去構造時間和空間之間的互動,並將立體空間轉換為平面圖像。她在是次展出的作品傳達著有力的訊息並覽題為“ 和平,不完美的和平” 。
Cheng Yuk Man, also known as Toast, graduated from the School of Creative Media at City University. She is primarily interested in photography as a way of playing with time and space and the idea of transforming a 3D space into a 2Dimage. Her powerful work for this exhibition entitled “Peace, Imperfect Peace” was triggered by the events that occurred on 15 June 2019 during the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill (Anti-ELAB).

張馨儀 (Sophie Cheung)
Sophie Cheung Hing Yee is a current graduate of Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) of RMIT University, a programme co-presented with Hong Kong Art School, majoring in Painting. As an artist, Sophie is intrigued by the theme of freestanding – to treat objects as subject. Through the exploration of materiality of painting and drawing, she has been taking ready-made and daily objects: erasers, pencils, joss paper, incense or newspaper, as her instruments to explore the nature of offset.

鍾詠堤 (Jessica Chung)
Jessica Chung is a graduate from Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts concentrating on sculpture and installation. She is interested in combining materials together to observe their contrast.

奚金蘭 (Kimmy Hai)
Kimmy Hai Kam Lan is a graduate from Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts. he works in graphic design, painting, and installation. Most of her early artworks focus on investigating the relationship between humans, society, and the environment. After a period of trial and error, she began to use mixed media as her creative media. She often incorporates graphics into different media, such as three dimensional forms and multimedia, and some bright-coloured plain blocks.

Katrina Mendoza Raimann
Katrina Mendoza Raimann 來自菲律賓,現居香港。她是畢業於倫敦大學金匠學院的跨學科學士,並於2019 年畢業,獲得了美術學士學位。她致力紡織品,裝置藝術和表演的創作,並利用她的創作去講述親密關係、人際關係和身體的故事。身體、親密關係、愛、張力、焦慮和力量 – 她的藝術實踐側重於物質和行動、性別和勞動力的歷史。Katrina Leigh Mendoza Raimann is a Filipino artist based in Hong Kong. She is an interdisciplinary who recently graduated BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2019. Working across textiles, installation and performance, she tells stories of intimacy, relationships, and the body.

鄧曉琪 (Kate Tang)
Kate Tang Hiu Ki is a graduate from Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts. Her work experiments with digital illustration, graphic design and jewelry. During a study exchange in Germany, she was inspired and started to develop her ideas on contemporary jewelry. She enjoys pushing the limits of materials in jewelry making and using daily objects instead of the refined metals and stones. She believes that jewelry is more than just a decorative object for our bodies and thus, she continues to question the relationship between the wearable item and the wearer, in order to find ways to tell their stories.

湯文強 (Felix Wong)
Felix Tang is a graduate from Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts. Since the outbreak of the protest between June 2019 to now in Hong Kong, much pro-democracy propaganda has appeared across the street, the government attempts to erase these image almost as quickly as they appear, after this action of the government, there are many traces and marks on the street. Artist Felix Tang noticed those glue marks patterns and felt they would be an interesting element representative of the atmosphere on the streets, which he has chosen to use in his artworks.

王彥培 (Isaac Wong)
王彥培畢業於薩凡納藝術與設計學院並居於香港 他的藝術探討了集體歷史和他否認的過去。他利用各種概念和歷史參考並用左手創作油畫。
Isaac Wong is a Hong Kong-based painter who is graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with a B. F. A. in Painting. Wong’s oeuvre examines the collective history and his own past of denial, he uses concepts and references on the left-hand conversion. Through utilizing text and visual elements, Wong reinterprets history, memory and experience; composing pictorial arrangements that communicates the fading past and re-trains his left hand, questioning the mainstream and alternate at large.

黃君皓 (Kwan)
Wong Kwan Ho, Kwan, is a graduate from Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts. He is a multimedia artist who aims to reinvent alternative aesthetics when exploring the disorientation of being alive in a turbulent, technology-dominated and desire-driven world.

Wong Sze Wai graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), MFAP Program in CUHK. She majored in painting. In her works she focuses on the relationship between memories and imagination. Her artworks highlight the loss of memories and represent the process of recollection in a way of inscription and erasure, which is also known as palimpsest. Wong was first inspired by the ancient Chinese murals in Dunghuang Caves as well as, the murals from the medieval times in Eastern Europe. To reflect how memory and history have been written and erased, Wong applied multi-layered painting techniques and numerous washout processes to her paintings. By means of exploring different types of painting materials in the ancient world, she tried to apply clay, colour and Chinese ink to her artworks. She created her own painting method in order to depict a sense of depth and show traces of time passing.

Date: 2020.9.24-10.30
Time: Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-18:00
G/F, 10 Chancery Lane, SoHo, Central, Hong Kong

Photos courtesy to the artists and 10 Chancery Lane Gallery

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