「在我看來,香港是一座密密麻麻的城市,憑借其緊湊的城市製造痕跡的肌理,與豐富多彩的自然伸展環境交融共存。「萬物城市」個展中呈現的一系列的作品,在我自己的視覺語言中轉換和重新解釋了這悖論:一個城市,同時是人造的和「有機的」,它是呼吸的,自然的,有生命力的。—— Daphné Mandel 曼樂婷

Hong Kong, for me, is a city of densely packed contrasts, by virtue of its
compact urban fabric that coexists and intersects with its lush and abundant natural environment. Organic City presents a series of works
that transpose and reinterpret this paradox in my own visual language: A city, simultaneously man-made and “organic” as living breathing matter, alive, and natural. – Daphné Mandel

北京藝門畫廊(香港)非常榮幸舉辦藝術家Daphné Mandel 曼樂婷在北京藝門畫廊(香港)的首次個展:萬物城市。藝術家將繼續在香港這個特殊的人造城市中,不斷追尋與探索自然而真誠的痕跡。

Pékin Fine Arts is pleased to present Daphné Mandel’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, as she continues exploring Hong Kong’s man-made urban landscapes juxtaposed against a backdrop of lush tropical greenery.


The close-knit cohabitation of edifices and foliage, the natural vs. the artificial, provide the starting off point for her representations of a Hong Kong both real and fantastic. The Hong Kong of her imagination, is familiar yet surreal; ultimately rendered as an exquisite city of the artist’s imagination.

在Daphné Mandel 曼樂婷的最新作品中,描繪了一幅刻意虛構和不協調的場景,描繪了城市的人造元素和自然元素之間相互交織的關係。在作品「Oasis 」 和「Pink Lady」中,茂密的熱帶樹葉和岩層從自然到象生,逐步滲透並包裹著香港這座閃爍著繽紛玻璃幕牆的人造城。

Daphné Mandel’s latest works depict deliberately imaginary and incongruous scenes of intertwined relationships between the city’s manufactured and natural elements. In Oasis and in Pink Lady, luxuriant tropical foliage and rock formations infiltrate and wrap Hong Kong’s archetypal building facades.

作品「Tree Metamorphosis 」和「Roots」展現出豐茂的樹枝和蜿蜒伸展的樹根喚起了自然的生機,得以在滿布鋼筋混凝土的城市叢林中頑強生存;勢如破竹的樹根刺破人行道、樓梯、擋土牆和建築物,利用任何縫隙或空隙來重新征服失去的領土。

Tree Metamorphosis and Roots evoke the tenacious vegetation surviving in
the city’s concrete jungle; the relentless roots perforating walkways, stairs,
retaining walls and edifices, exploiting any gap or void to reconquer lost

在「Densities Triptych」作品中(包含灣仔、北角和深水坡),創作過程始於城市規劃中的建築腳印。塊狀輪廓和形狀交疊並置:密度在視覺上被誇大和操縱;最終,這片飽和的且仍然被不斷開發的土地被製造為一個獨特的香港城市景觀。建築群落被藝術家重新想象成抽象的實體,重新組裝、微型化、分散和穿孔,就像墨水的飛濺或有機拼圖的碎片。

In the triptych Densities, (Wanchai, North Point and Sham Shui Po), the
creative process began with urban plans of building footprints. Contours and shapes of blocks are juxtaposed; density is visually exaggerated and
manipulated; and finally, a land saturated yet perpetually renewed is revealed as a uniquely Hong Kong urbanscape. Neighborhoods of building
clusters are re-imagined as abstract entities, now re-assembled, miniaturized, scattered, and perforated, like splashes of ink or pieces of an organic puzzle.


Ms. Mandel’s latest artworks are mixed media imaginary portraits of Hong
Kong, and rely on a combination of skills, utilizing hand cutting and collage,
painting, photography, urban design, and photomontage.

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Organic City
2020.5.16 – 7.25
Tuesdays to Fridays 10:00 – 18:00
Saturdays 11:00 – 18:00
Pékin Fine Arts
Union Industrial Building, 48 Wong Chuk Hang Road 16/F Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Source: Pékin Fine Arts
Image credit: Copyright Daphné Mandel. Photo Courtesy Pékin Fine Arts.

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