Jonathan Jay Lee: The Romantic Face of Hong Kong Streetscapes | 香港街頭的浪漫一面

Jonathan Jay Lee於1985年在美國出生,父母均是台灣人,7歲來港生活。後來於在美國修讀插畫再回港做插畫師,並在薩凡納藝術設計大學當兼職教授。Jonathan對香港的舊街道情有獨鍾,尤其喜歡描繪街市、大排檔、唐樓和家庭式的雜貨店。他的尷尬身份認同促成了「中西含壁」畫風,把色彩鮮艷的西方漫畫與線條分明的亞洲黑白漫畫融為一體。

Born in 1985, Taiwanese-American Jonathan Jay Lee is an illustrator and Professor at Savannah College of Art and Design at the Hong Kong campus.

Jonathan is particularly interested in Hong Kong’s old streetscapes, in which wet markets, Dai Pai Dong, Tong Lau and family grocery stores are his favorite subject matters. His identity crisis contributes to his “east meets west” painting style, which is a mixture between the brightly-colored Western comics and the distinct linework of black-and-white Asian comics.


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