Felix Treadwell的創作融合東西方的藝術影響,並從他最喜歡的童年漫畫汲取靈感,透過扁平化的現代風格描畫俏皮的人物、動物和幻想的生物。他在香港的首次個展「Gentle Creatures」於2022年2月25日3月17日在畫廊中環Woaw Gallery舉行。

Incorporating both East and Western influences into his art through a flattened contemporary style, Felix Treadwell’s soft rendered paintings depict playful characters, animals, and fantastical creatures inspired by his favourite childhood comics. Treadwell’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong is on view from 25 February 2022 to 17 March 2022 at Woaw Gallery.

Why it matters:

Following his interest in examining the notions of adolescent vulnerability and conformity, the works featured in this show explore a more grown-up character in their daily routines of part time jobs and hobbies, while revisiting and mirroring the dinosaurs in their everyday journeys millions of years ago.

4 Highlights:

.Treadwell’s recent works portray our connections over millions of years between two dominions, a loneliness, fragility, and mortality that we and all living beings have to face. The experiences of our lives are so fleeting in the long history of life’s existence, even the small moments, such as watering a flower. Yet, beauty lies in the tiny subject matters.
.Our lives are made up of numerous scattered moments. The moments might not be seen important separately that they are easily forgettable. But when we see them as a whole, representing a person, or the living beings, the moments shape our lives.
.Regardless its transient nature, every living being may once share the same experience, highlighting the similarities, differences and speciality in every of us.
.The dinosaurs and the humans are still naive, fragile and insecure and may always be, yet there is beauty in that and a reason to continue existing, regardless of how short our
time is.

Background – Felix Treadwell:
Felix Treadwell於1992年出生在英國梅德斯通。其作品常描繪日常生活狀態中的虛構人物。Treadwell於坎伯韋爾藝術學院學習藝術,後在英國皇家藝術學院攻讀繪畫,於2018年畢業。過去幾年裡,Treadwell以半自傳式人物Feelo的系列作品備受矚目。透過簡樸的構圖,俏皮及充滿趣味的場景,柔和的色調,作品重現了藝術家的童年想像。

Felix Treadwell was born in Maidstone, England in 1992. In his painting he often uses fictional characters who perform everyday actions. Treadwell studied art at Camberwell College of Arts and later specialised in painting at the Royal College of Art, where he graduated in 2018. Over the last couple of years, Treadwell has been getting a lot of recognition and appreciation for the works depicting the semi-autobiographical character, Feelo. Through the use of simple compositions, playful, non-threatening scenes, the softness of the airbrush, along with pastel hues, the artist is reviving and visualizing his childhood imagination in his practice.

Final Tips:

The limitation of time gives meaning to life. Within the bounded time, humans are trying their best not only to survive, but the eager to live, to achieve their goals and to attain what they want. Treadwell hopes the works can conjure some comfort and relate to our loneliness in the quiet suffering we face.

Gentle Creatures:
Felix Treadwell’s Inaugural Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

2022.2.25 – 3.17
Woaw Gallery
9 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

Courtesy to Woaw Gallery and the Artist

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