加拿⼤華⼈藝術術家周肅磐之花花·間奏曲:《昨夜》,展出33張巨型抽象表現藝術畫作,是藝術家繼Fafa 1《我為什麼把花塗成粉紅⾊?》之後,在他即將在日本舉辦的Fafa 2《你最後一次親吻雲朵是哪時》之前的⼀幕變奏。

Fafa Interlude: Last Night, an exhibition featuring a series of abstract artworks by Canadian Chinese artist Charles Chau (b. 1963). The exhibition is an interim review of artist Charles Chau’s latest body of work — in-between the artist’s debut show of the Fafa series, Why do I paint the flower pink? (Fafa 1, Hong Kong, 2020) and his upcoming exhibition, When do you last kiss the clouds? (Fafa 2, Tokyo, 2022).

Why it matters:

Fafa Interlude: Last Night features 33 pieces of the artist’s large-scale paintings, works of Fafa 1 and Fafa 2, some of Chau’s most celebrated body of work and now presented for the first time in Vancouver. These paintings are the artists impressions of nature and the world, changing through time, sharply articulated with his versatile vocabularies of colours. The artist speaks about his work as follows: “We know not every night is the same, nor the form or colours of any event. That this is the moment, and that moment while you seize it is gone. Every night is, in a way, a Last Night.

3 Highlights:
.藝術家選擇重複的音節「Fa-fa」為作品系列命名,因為曡字有如嬰兒牙牙學語。 “Fa” 正是「花」 的粵語發音,⽽「花花」正是嬰兒詞𢑥。
.The repetitive syllables ‘fa-fa’ are chosen as it mimics baby talk with repeated sounds – ‘fa’ the Cantonese pronunciation of ‘flowers’, and fa-fa for the benefit of an infant learning in sweet talk.
.Charles Chau started Fafa 1 in search of pureness and joy of a 5-year-old playing with colours on canvases. Obviously, the little ones have grown a bit since my last exhibition.
.Presented here in this exhibition is a faithful record of what the child has grown up to “see” — the unpredictability of “nature” that also becomes an important part of the “nurture” of any childhood development.

Background: Charles Chau
Charles Chau is a Hong Kong born contemporary artist currently residing in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Many art critics have described his work as drawing inspiration from classic Chinese calligraphy, urban architecture and master painterly styles. His latest body of work, the Fafa series, is a deliberate attempt to break away from his former signature monochromatic works, the Mountain Vastness black and white series, that explored contained emotions — now liberated with the artist’s unique brushstrokes and multitude of colours.

Final Tips:
Charles Chau plays around with several colour palettes to elicit open-ended conversations. The result is striking and stimulating. It displays the inherent subject deviation and the contextual perspective of individuals at different points of interest and time.

Fafa Interlude: Last Night

2022.2.3 – 2.6
加拿⼤大卑詩省V6A 1P8溫哥華東喜⼠士定街852號#220
852 E Hastings St #220, Vancouver, BC, V6A 1P8

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