山水畫現代化也許不再是個新鮮的議題。然而,你可曾想過充滿東方文化特色的山水畫也能走中西合璧的路線?「新藝潮畫廊」欣然推出香港著名多棲藝術家鄧凝姿的最新個人展覽 ──《此中山水:鄧凝姿新作展》,展出她 29 幅最新創作的山水畫作品。

The modernization of landscape painting may no longer be a new topic. However, have you ever thought that landscape paintings, full of oriental cultural characteristics, can integrate Western cultures?  a|n Gallery is pleased to present the latest solo exhibition of the famous Hong Kong multi-discipline artist Dr. Tang Ying-chi – “A Landscape Beyond: New Works by Dr. Tang Ying-chi”, displaying 29 of her latest landscape paintings.

Why it matters:

是次展覽展出鄧凝姿於 2021 及 2020 年創作的《那地方》系列以及 2018 年創作的實驗繪畫系列《無名風景》。作為涉獵多個藝術界領域並曾留學海外的藝術家,鄧凝姿在保留傳統國畫精髓的前提下,大膽創新地加入當代元素,創作出具有中西特色的當代山水圖。在《那地方》系列中,鄧凝姿刻畫了她對「那地方」的不同想像。「那地方」是每個人心目中的理想之地。她以傳統國畫的表現手法刻畫景色的不同形態。畫中看似荒無人烟,卻隱約呈現一些人為建築,例如橋樑、梯級等。透過這些略帶懸疑的畫面,鄧凝姿為「那地方」留下想像空間,邀請觀者去探索和發展自己嚮往的天地。與前述系列不同,《無名風景》加入了人物,是鄧凝姿的實驗性作品。她以傳統山水畫的構圖描繪出抽象風景,並將於街頭隨拍的人物圖像置於畫中, 轉化為畫的一部分。這些現實中的人物被放置在抽象寫意的景致裡,產生了虛與實的互動。觀者在不知不覺中會代入畫中人的身份,從而領會他們的心境。

This exhibition showcases Dr. Tang Ying-chi’s “The Place” series created in 2021 and 2020, and the experimental series “Anonymous Landscape” created in 2018. As an artist who has been involved in many fields of art and has studied abroad, Dr. Tang Ying-chi boldly adds contemporary elements to traditional Chinese painting without losing its essence. In the “The Place” series, the artist portrayed her different visions of “The Place” – the utopian land in everyone’s mind. She uses traditional Chinese painting techniques to portray the different forms of scenery. The painting seems to be deserted, but some artificial buildings are vaguely presented. With these suspenseful images, the artist leaves room for imagination, inviting viewers to explore and imagine the world they yearn for. Unlike the previous series, “Anonymous Landscape”, which is an experimental work, has images of people. These images of people were taken on the street. The artist innovatively transforms the images into a part of the painting. The people of reality are placed in abstract scenery, creating an interaction between virtual and real. 

4 highlights:

  • 鄧凝姿以其豐富的想像力和對中西畫繪畫物料的靈活運用,將中國山水畫構圖與當代情懷融合,創作出這批別具一格的當代山水景致圖。
  • With rich imagination and the flexible use of Chinese and Western painting materials, Dr. Tang Ying-chi combines Chinese landscape painting with contemporary elements, creating this batch of unique contemporary landscape views.
  • 她的作品顛覆了我們對山水畫的慣性期望,增加了觀賞的趣味。
  • Her works subverted our conventional perception of landscape paintings and increased the enjoyment of viewing.
  • 她的大膽創新為傳統山水畫的「四可」- 可行,可望,可游,可居,賦予了新的意義。
  • Her bold innovations have given new meaning to the “four possibilities” of traditional landscape painting – to walk, to see, to play, and to live.
  • 觀者​​隨著心情的改變,每次觀賞時也會有不同的感受。
  • Viewers will have different feelings every time they see the paintings as their mood changes.

Background: Dr. Tang Ying-chi

  • 鄧凝姿為活躍藝術工作者,兼有不同角色如藝術創作者、教育、策展及寫作人身份。
  • Deng Ningzi is an active artist, with different roles such as art creator, educationist, curator and writer. 
  • 她先後獲得英國倫敦大學金匠學院學士學位及澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學碩士及博士學位。
  • She received a bachelor’s degree from Goldsmiths College, University of London, and a master’s degree and doctorate degree from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.
  • 她舉辦超過二十個個人展覽並參與海內外不少群體展,獲取了多個獎項。
  • She has held more than 20 solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions at home and abroad, and won many awards.

Source:  a|n Gallery

Final Tips:


When viewing, remember to use your imagination and try to “sink” into the painting.


A Landscape Beyond: New Works by Dr. Tang Ying-chi


2021.12.3 – 2021.12.23


Monday to Saturday 14:30 – 18:30



a|n Gallery, Rm201, 2/F, Tung Chai Building, 86-90 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Courtesy to a|n Gallery and the Artists

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