想欣賞賽博朋克城市不一定要透過電子遊戲。 哥倫比亞藝術家 Danner Orozco 將現實攝影與數碼藝術相結合,為世界各地的大都市加上一層賽博朋克的濾鏡。

It doesn’t always take a video game for you to appreciate cyberpunk cities. Colombian artist Danner Orozco combines real-life photography with digital art, rendering worldwide metropolises with a cyberpunk vibe.

「賽博朋克」一直都是各種後現代文學作品或電子遊戲中的常客。 儘管許多賽博朋克城市都是從真實世界汲取靈感,它們通常都是以一種誇張和超現實的形式出現。 相比之下,Danner的作品則描繪了一個離我們並不那麼遙遠的賽博朋克世界。 他的作品巧妙地將現實世界與賽博朋克美學相結合。

The term “cyberpunk” has been prevalent in postmodern literature and relevant video games. Although many cyberpunk cities take inspiration from the real world, they often appear in a hyperbolic and surreal form. Danner’s works, in contrast, portray a cyberpunk world that is not so distant to us. It’s a mixture of both reality and cyberpunk aesthetics.

密集的建築、經典名車、霓虹燈、迷幻般的天空……你可以在這裡找到所有的賽博朋克元素。 Danner 的每一件作品都精雕細琢,以獨特的角度的去捕捉和刻劃一個城市,包括京都、首爾、香港、西安、洛杉磯、邁阿密等。 為了貼近現實,Danner 只改變了他照片的色彩飽和度,並為它們提供了一個神秘又夢幻的背景。

Condensed buildings, classic vehicles, neon lights, dreamy sky… You can find all of the cyberpunk aesthetics here. Every piece of Danner’s work is meticulously crafted to capture and depict a city from a unique perspective, including Kyoto, Seoul, Hong Kong, Xian, Los Angeles, Miami, and more. In pursuit of being close to reality, Danner only adjusts the color saturation of his photographs and offers them a mystical background to complete the artworks. 

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