Kaiju 是日本影視作品中的一個流行類型,通常以具有非凡力量的巨大怪物為特色。例如哥斯拉和奧特曼中的怪獸便是這種特定類型的知名例子。日本藝術家 Hideshi Chaykov 是一個自豪的貓愛好者,他用貓代替怪物,將東京市描繪成他們的遊樂場。

Kaiju is a popular genre in Japanese films and media that features gigantic monsters with extraordinary powers. Godzilla and Ultra Kaiju in Ultraman are internationally known examples of this specific genre. Japanese artist Hideshi Chaykov being a proud cat lover replace monsters with cats, portraying the city of Tokyo as their playground.

這一切都可以看作是好奇貓的玩具。 Chaykov 用他狂野的想像力將東京變成了一隻18歲的灰貓的遊樂園。一座高層建築就像一座貓塔,供他的貓站在上面玩耍。在他的作品中,貓的表情和姿勢也完全不同,例如從遠處觀看 2020 年東京奧運會閉幕式到穿著日本武士服裝在東京街頭散步。

Everything can be regarded as toys for a curious cat. Chaykov uses his wild imagination to turn Tokyo into an amusement park for his 18-years old grey cat. For instance, a high-rise building acting like a cat tower for his cat to stand on and play.  The expression and posture of the cat are also entirely distinct from one another in his artworks. From watching the closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games from afar to casually storming the streets of Tokyo while wearing a Samurai costume on an afternoon walk. 

Chaykov 喜歡用鳥瞰圖,讓觀眾看到日本東京的美麗城市景觀。他將他的巨型灰貓放在代表日本文化的熱門地點,如東京塔和淺草寺。通過把他的貓塑造成繪畫的主角,他將他國家和文化美分享給世界各地的人們。

Chaykov loves illustrating from a bird’s eyes that allows the audience to view the beautiful cityscape of Japan Tokyo. Situating his giant grey cat in popular locations that represent the Japanese culture such as the Tokyo Tower and the Sen-so ji Temple. By depicting his cat as the protagonist in his drawing, he aims to spread the beauty of his country and culture to people all around the world.

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