我們每天都在使用的家居用品看似普通,無趣。在日常生活中,人們也很少會把注意力放在它們身上。然而,居於三藩市的數碼藝術家 Eric Geusz 將這些平淡無奇的物品變成了壯觀的太空船,為銀河探索做好了準備。

Most people give little thought to household items. We use them repetitively on a daily basis and there is nothing interesting at all about the action. However, San Francisco-based digital artist Eric Geusz transforms bland ordinary objects into drawings of spectacular spacecraft, ready for galactic explorations.

因為他狂野的想像力和創造力,Geusz 聚集了許多崇拜他的粉絲。他以廚具、文具和各種小工具等普通的日常工具創造出夢幻般的宇宙飛船。然而,許多人可能不知道他的正職實際上是一名軟件工程師。 Geusz 的專業加上他驚人的天賦使他能夠將平淡無奇的普通物品變成具有復雜細節和設計的的航天器、人造衛星和航天飛機。

Geusz gathered many fans adoring his wild imaginations as well as his creativity in his reimaginations. He visualises fantastical spaceships from bland everyday tools such as kitchen utensils, stationery, and gadgets. However, many might not know that his day job is actually a software engineer. Geusz’s profession together with his amazing talent enables him to transform bland ordinary items into striking spacecraft, artificial satellites, and space shuttle with intricate details and designs. 

「香料船」是他最受喜愛的作品之一,其靈感來自著名的亞洲辣椒醬——是拉差辣椒醬。 Geusz 將標誌性的瓶子完美地融入了他的畫作中,設計了一個史詩般的星際飛船,有著鮮豔的綠色和紅色的它可以在數英里外的外太空吸引任何人的注意力。他甚至保留了是拉差的公雞標誌作為「香料船」的標誌,使他的作品成為銀河系中最有味道的航天器。

One of his most well-loved creations –  “Spice ship” which is inspired by the famous Asian hot chili sauce, Sriracha. Geusz perfectly merged the iconic bottle into his drawing, designing an epic intergalactic vessel with vivid colors of green and red that can catch any attention miles away in outer space. He even kept the Sriracha’s staple rooster logo as the emblem of “Spice ship”, making his vision the most flavourful spacecraft in the galaxy.

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