Growing up in a familiar city, we tend to feel numb and are unable to acknowledge the beauty in our surroundings. Hong Kong local artist Rainbow Tse portrays breathtaking cityscapes and landscapes, reminding the people of Hong Kong how dazzling the city is with watercolors.

Rainbow 出生於香港,她相信這座城市的每個地方和角落都有故事可說。她的才華使她能夠巧妙地將香港的光影和色彩在畫布上形成鮮明的對比。 Rainbow 希望她的藝術能夠和觀眾產生共鳴,喚起某些回憶。在她超現實而又朦朧的畫作中,觀眾彷彿如臨其境,感受著時間靜止的那一刻。

Born in Hong Kong, Rainbow believes that every place, every corner of the city has a story to tell. Her talent enables her to skilfully present Hong Kong with the stark contrast in light, shadow, and colors. Rainbow wishes that her art can evoke certain memories that the audience can relate to. With her surreal and misty paintings, the audience seems to be immersed in her works and experiencing the very moment where time stands perfectly still.

她的每一幅畫都捕捉了香港各種耀眼的光線,彷彿這些光由內到外滲透出來。Rainbow 巧妙地利用光線和各種色彩創造了一幅迷人的畫布,將熟悉的土地變成了一個發光的夢幻王國。光線和精確的色彩運用一起產生了一個充滿氛圍的空靈景象。

Each of her paintings captures Hong Kong’s essence of light which seems as though they are lit from within. Her high control in light and colors creates a mesmerizing canvas that transforms a familiar land into an illuminating dreamy realm. The precise light and color coordination generate a somewhat ethereal and atmospheric sight to behold. 

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