Being a white-collar is not all bland and dull. Hong Kong artist Teddy Leung inspired by the busy work life of Central white-collar, uses his original character, CEO KWERKY as an artistic agent to explore and portray the life of a white-collar in the metropolitan.


Teddy’s works have a surrealist undertone which is gratefully influenced by his academic background. Being both trained in painting and photography, Teddy was able to manipulate the two mediums under an experimental surrealist light. Over one year, Teddy captures the city lights and his experiences by transforming them into atmospheric totems which reflect the city’s hustle and bustle through the working environments.


Teddy’s original character CEO KWERKY plays with the word “quirky”. CEO KWERKY represents white collars’ stressful work life being in the midst of Hong Kong’s central business district. However, through the character’s whimsical behaviors and facial expressions, Teddy intends to portray the character’s work life in a humorous manner. He wishes to highlight the fun and positive side of a white-collar’s work life and that his art is a reminder for everyone to slow down and relax in this fast-paced city.

Kwerky Archival | Teddy Leung



2021.7.29 – 8.15


JPS Gallery, Shops 218-219, 2/F, LANDMARK ATRIUM, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong


Courtesy to JPS Gallery and the Artist

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