仍在持續的疫情奪走了我們去世界各地旅遊的選項。家中隔離導致我們與世隔絕,遠離人煙。意大利藝術家 Pierpaolo Rovero 創作了「Imagine all the people」(想像所有人)這個系列,希望在隔離期間通過想像和繪畫來構想城市景觀,來到訪世界各地的不同城市。

The ongoing pandemic took the option of traveling and visiting the world away from us. Quarantine and lockdown cause us to isolate ourselves from people and the external world. Italian artist Pierpaolo Rovero started the series – “Imagine all the people”, wishing to visit different cities across the world during his quarantine, by envisioning the city view through imagination and drawing.

Rovero 的每一件作品都有一個特定的主題,例如透過浪漫、音樂、電影來帶出一些溫馨的信息。他經常以宏觀的角度去俯視一個和諧的城市,以極具本土特色的建築來描繪人們的生活,用來宣揚和平和停戰信息。Rovero 還喜歡設計一些具互動性的作品,例如在作品中加入名人作為彩蛋來與觀眾互動。

Every piece of his artwork has a major theme, including romance, music, movie acts, and many other heartwarming messages. Rovero often promotes peace and the stopping of wars by imagining a harmonious macroscopic view of the city. He portrays the lives of people within the vernacular and unique architecture of each city. The artist also designs his works to be interactive with his audience, challenging them by adding notable figures as “easter eggs”.

雖然我們皆處於一個困難時期,但我們可以跟隨Rovero的作品去 「環遊世界」,透過畫作中的城市和人群來感受生命的活力。俗話說「一畫勝千字」,但Rovero的作品卻是「一畫勝千畫」,因為畫中的每一個細節、每一個角落都是一幅優美的畫作。

Liveliness and vitality that radiates from the drawings leave his audience spirited while “travelling” the world with Rovero in difficult times. People are everywhere, inside windows, on rooftops, on balconies, and also on the streets. There is a saying of “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but in this case, “a picture is worth a thousand pictures” where every single corner of the city is a painting within itself.

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