對於命,有人認為人一生的起伏變數都是命中註定的,怎樣也無法改變命的好、壞。但對Zoie Lam而言,一切的事物,沒有偶然,沒有意外,一切都是安排與選擇。

Regarding fate, some people think that the ups and downs of a person’s life are destined since the day we came to this world. Nothing can ever change fate. But to Zoie Lam, all things have no coincidence, no accidents, everything is arrangement and choice.

近日香港視覺藝術家Zoie Lam夥拍 Outtake Gallery帶來了主題為「轉化」的藝術展覽,以不同形式的作品演繹出生活中的轉化。

Recently, Hong Kong visual artist Zoie Lam has partnered with Outtake Gallery to bring an art exhibition with the theme of “transform”, deducting the transformation in life with works of different forms.


There are many times in life where we have to make different choices, like the hills in Zoie’s paintings. Zoie has used bright colors and even different colored eyes to create obvious color contrasts, in order to express different emotions and feelings through the paintings. Whether for the protagonist, Tiu Tiu, it is good times or bad times, happy or sad, is just depends on how you interpret and feel it. It makes the audiences can’t help but stop and think about the hidden meaning of the artworks. It is hoped that everyone can experience their own “transform” when they are appreciating the works.


In addition to the paintings, it is not difficult to discover that in other displayed artworks, Zoie tried to use existing media objects to transform into different artworks, such as the assembly and transformation of clothes, the transformation of clothes into a painting, the medium integration of wood, etc. Zoie has been recreating the artworks through “transform” which has become one of the highlights of this exhibition.

這次展覽除了可以欣賞到Zoie的畫作之外,部分與New Balance部分聯乘作品亦會在展覽展出,以響應 2021 年全球「同志彩虹驕傲月」,每件時裝單品上亦不難看出Zoie偏向使用繽紛鮮豔的色彩與豐富的線條,還有Zoie一向喜愛山的元素,讓觀眾一眼看上去就感受到藝術家樂觀積極的能量。觀眾欣賞畫時,亦不妨欣賞Zoie於時裝上表達的轉化。

In addition to appreciate Zoie’s paintings in this exhibition, some of the collaboration works with New Balance will also be displayed in the exhibition, in response to the 2021 Global Gay Rainbow Pride Month. From the fashion items, it is not difficult to discover that Zoie likes to use fluorescent colors and rich lines in her works, and she has always loved the elements of mountains, where audiences can easily feel the artist’s optimistic and positive energy at a glance. After appreciating the paintings, you may also appreciate the Zoie’s expression of transform on the exhibited fashion items.

OUTTAKE x 本地藝術家 ZOIE LAM: 轉化


Date: 2021.6.23-27



13A New Street, Sheung Wan

圖片由Outtake Gallery提供
Courtesy of Outtake Gallery

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