3812畫廊誠意呈獻「天地・蹤」(After Nature)展覽,並以此慶祝畫廊成立10週年。展覽分為兩部分,分別於2021年5月及6月在3812畫廊香港空間舉行,將同場展出中英兩地優秀藝術家作品,探索異同,建立東西方之間的文化對話。透過同一主題精心策展,展覽將同場展示來自中國和英國的抽象藝術家,他們的作品都曾在倫敦泰特現代藝術館和上海美術館等國際知名博物館展出及收藏。

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, 3812 Gallery is pleased to present a two-part exhibition titled ‘After Nature’, opening in Hong Kong in May and June 2021. These two exhibitions will place work by leading Chinese and British artists alongside one another, aiming to explore what unites them and makes them distinctive, to create a conversation between the East and West. Each exhibition will feature two major abstract artists, one each from China and Europe, whose work has been exhibited in leading international museums from London’s Tate to the Shanghai Art Museum.

第一部分的展覽將於5月開幕,屆時將展出英國抽象表現主義畫家亞伯特・厄文 (Albert Irvin)以及上海抽象藝術家李磊的作品。厄文的偉大抽象繪畫向色彩與城市景觀致敬,而李磊的「詩象」繪畫則反映了畫家的「心景」,借鑑了西方抽象表現主義的特徵,展現他對中國美學和思想的深刻理解。

The first part, opening in May, will present major British Abstract Expressionist painter Albert Irvin alongside Chinese abstract artist Li Lei. Irvin’s great abstract paintings are celebrations of paint and cityscapes, while Li’s Poetic Abstraction painting is a reflection of the artist’s “mindscape”, demonstrating his profound cultural understanding of Chinese aesthetics and thoughts, whilst drawing upon dynamic features of western abstract expressionism.

展覽的第二部分將於6月開幕,屆時將展出英國著名畫家法蘭西斯・戴維森(Francis Davison)以及中國當代水墨畫家于羊的作品。戴維森從未在精緻的紙本拼貼中使用過直線,正如英國藝術評論家約翰・魯斯金(John Ruskin)所言:「自然界中沒有直線」。是次展覽亦將是戴維森的亞洲首展。于羊以水墨與木作為創作媒體,致力構建新的藝術語言,發展出對水墨藝術的不同認知及其對於審美傳統的反思。

The second part, opening in June, will feature renowned British artist Francis Davison together with Chinese ink artist Yu Yang. In Davison’s paper collages, which are elegant and sophisticated, the artist has never used a straight line, as English art critic John Ruskin once said: “there are no straight lines in nature”. This is the first time the artist’s collages will be shown in Asia. Yu Yang’s works on ink and paper on wood, combine the notion of ‘cold ink’ and ink art from the East, striving to construct a new artistic language to renew perceptions on the aesthetic tradition of ink art.

當新冠病毒被介定為一種流行病時,是次展覽針對藝術家在進行抽象藝術的創作過程中如何受到自然及環境所啓發提問 ──我們是否得以從這些抽象繪畫中窺探大自然,還是它們已經脫離既定的場域,發展出自然以外的表述?

Together, these two exhibitions, staged during at a time when COVID-19 is increasingly seen as an endemic, ask questions about the relationship between painting and nature. Are abstract paintings ‘after nature’ in the sense that these are ghosts of landscape paintings in all abstraction? Or are these abstract paintings ‘after nature’ in the sense that they have freed themselves from nature and are objects with no reference beyond themselves?

隨著 2018 年於倫敦開設畫廊空間,3812 畫廊的目標旨在搭建一道東西方文化之間的橋樑。近年3812畫廊積極地將重要的中國藝術家引進到歐洲,其中包括2020 年於抽象大師馬克・羅斯科(Mark Rothko)故鄉拉脫維亞的馬克・羅斯科藝術中心舉行蕭勤個展。是次3812畫廊透過「天地・蹤」將兩位重要的英國現代藝術家帶到香港,他們的作品均收藏於世界各地如英國及澳洲等重要美術館。此外,兩位藝術家都備受著名當代藝術家達米恩・赫斯特(Damien Hirst)激讚及推崇,證明了他們於美術史的貢獻及對現今藝術家的影響。赫斯特曾以「太震撼了!」評論戴維森於1980年代創作的作品。赫斯特近日亦將亞伯特・厄文的作品納入私人收藏。

With the opening of its sister gallery in London in 2018, 3812 Gallery aims to create conversations between the ‘East’ and ‘West’. Most recently, the gallery has taken major Chinese artists to Europe, for example Hsiao Chin’s 2020 exhibition at the Mark Rothko Art Centre, in Rothko’s hometown in Latvia. Now, the gallery is delighted to bring two major Modern British artists to Hong Kong, whose work can be found in museum collections from Australia to the UK. Moreover, both are artists greatly admired by renowned contemporary artist Damien Hirst, demonstrating their influence on the artists of today. Hirst saw Davison’s work in the 1980s and commented that “it blew my mind away”, and more recently, Hirst has collected works by Albert Irvin for his own collection.

After Nature Part I

2021.5.14 – 6.6
After Nature Part II:

2021.6.18 – 7.30
11:00 – 19:00
(Appointment is required: hongkong@3812cap.com)
3812 Gallery
26/F, Wyndham Place, 40-44 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

Image courtesy of 3812 Gallery and the artists

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