路飛、閃電俠、Elmo…怎麼你們都慘遭「毒手」被解剖了?原來這些都是紐約雕塑家及玩具設計大師Jason Freeny的半身解剖作品,他以破格創新的視角透視不同家傳戶曉的動畫角色,重新演繹了各種熟悉事物。這次K11 購物藝術館為Jason Freeny舉辦的藝術體驗店《OUTSIDE IN: An Unconventional World of Art Toys》展示了過百款經典解剖Art Toy及雕塑,讓人嘖嘖稱奇看得目不轉睛。

The award-winning sculptor and toy designer Jason Freeny brings anatomical deconstructions of iconic characters, including Elmo from Sesame Street and Luffy from One Piece to K11 Art Mall through his《OUTSIDE IN: An Unconventional World of Art Toys》showcase. Over 100 art toys and sculptures wow the audience as we see how he reinvents the classics with his innovative practices. 

一踏進chi K11 藝術空間,簡潔的工業風設計與牆上的反光物料令人頓時彷彿置身在異度空間,場地設計與Jason Freeny詫異又有趣的作品相映成趣。這些公仔們擁有一半完整的外觀,另一半則被解剖露出森森白骨和內臟。Jason Freeny的作品帶有一點獵奇的可愛感,不管從正面看、側面看、背面看都有不同的味道,而且不管怎麼看都很有趣。

The chi K11 art space, which is designed in industrial style with reflective materials on the walls, situate us in an alternate dimension once we step inside the room. The environment echoes with Freeny’s bizarre and interesting works. These sculptures are half complete, half dissected to reveal imaginary bones and internal organs of the characters. With a touch of whimsical charm, Freeny’s works never fail to surprise us, no matter we see them from the front, the side, or the back.

Jason Freeny模糊了玩具設計、藝術、科學與教學的界線,建構萌意逗趣的器官骨架,替塑料玩具注入生命。這次藝術體驗店中,1:1真實尺寸的XXRAY海賊王路飛與3 米高XXRAY冰雪ELMO雕塑固然值得注目,但除了經典動畫人物外,常見的小物例如橡皮鴨、小熊軟糖、巧克力兔子等到了他手上就像經過X 光機般,呈現顛覆既有想像的獨到視野,讓大家重新認識身邊的東西,藏在表面之下,原來還可以有豐富的骨骼內臟。

Blurring the lines between toy design, art, science, and teaching, Freeny constructs anatomical structures for and injects life into plastic toys. The life-sized installation of Luffy and the 3-metre tall anatomized XXRAY Elmo sculpture are no doubt the spotlights of this showcase. Yet apart from the classic animated characters, Freeny’s reinvention of everyday items such as rubber ducks, gummy bears, and chocolate bunnies also call for our attention. They reflect a unique perspective that subverts any perceived concepts on the things around us, allowing us to reconsider and reimagine the composition of things. 

Jason Freeny 鮮有公開的電腦構想圖作品可說是藝術體驗店另一聚焦點,讓我們有機會了解他的幕後製作花絮。透過這些構想圖能感受到作品背後需要花費大量時間研究,經過精密的設計才使解剖玩具得以誕生。事實上,Jason Freeny為了這個系列開始自學法醫學和解剖學,試圖找出人體和各種生物真正的身體結構。他也會配合角色本身的特性加以創作,例如天性單純的海綿寶寶有著比較小的腦袋,加菲貓的胃部是由它喜歡的千層麵構成等,充滿令人會心一笑的玩味。

The showcase also features Freeny’s rarely seen computer graphics to highlight the inner workings behind these extravagant characters. These images speak for the countless effort and time spent on the research and design behind his sculptures. In fact, Freeny started to self-study forensic and anatomy for a more accurate presentation of the structures of the human body and other creatures. He also adds a little playful twist by incorporating the traits of different characters into his works. For instance, the constantly clueless SpongeBob has a relatively small brain, and Garfield’s body is made up of his favorite lasagna.

Jason Freeny很享受設計原型的過程,比較著重造型,大部分作品並沒有過於深奧的寓意。這些作品沒有一一附上講解,因為他希望觀者可以自由演繹他的創作。為了讓觀者能夠近距離地欣賞雕塑,藝術體驗店沒有用玻璃或圍欄分隔開展品,所以參觀時需小心注意眼看手勿動。

As Freeny enjoys the process of creating prototypes for his sculptures, he places more emphasis on design rather than trying to develop a very profound meaning for his works. These works do not come with descriptions because Freeny hopes to allow the space for interpretations. To encourage close examination of the exhibits, they are not protected by glass windows or fences so make sure to take extra care when you pay your visit.

這次設置的期間限定店獨家發售多款Jason Freeny聯乘MIGHTY JAXX推出的Art Toy,更推出各款神秘黑盒,如果想把這些可愛又特別的解剖玩具帶回家,就要把握這次機會。

The showcase offers over 50 marvelous art toy styles by Jason Freeny x MIGHTY JAXX for sale. These imaginative collectibles come in an array of styles, with selected toys exclusively available as blind box purchases.

透過這次藝術體驗店,除了欣賞Jason Freeny作品,見證設計大師的創作歷程外,我們亦能感受他如何以想像力重新解剖本以為一成不變的事物,發掘內在不一樣的自己,重新認識自己,進而更加了解、珍惜每個生命的存在。

Not only does this Experience Store allow us to witness the creative process of Jason Freeny, but it also offers us an opportunity to experience how he reimagines the things we think we are so familiar with, through which we reflect on the different sides of ourselves as well.

K11 《OUTSIDE IN》Jason Freeny 亞洲XXRAY藝術體驗店​
The K11 《OUTSIDE IN: An Unconventional World of Art Toys》Jason Freeny Asia XXRAY Experience Store​

Date: 2020.11.21 – 2021.2.28​
Time: 11:00 – 22:00​
Venue: 尖沙咀河內道 18 號 K11 購物藝術館地下中庭及 B2 層 chi K11 藝術空間​
K11 Atrium (G/F) and chi K11 art space (B2/F), K11 Art Mall, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui​

Photo courtesy of the artist and K11 Art Mall

Text by Janice Chow

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