由多年推廣文化藝術的陳國慈女士創辦、位於淺水灣影灣園的全新藝術空間 ─Artspace K 於2020 年10 月19 日正式隆重開幕,並邀請到臺灣知名當代藝術家洪易先生舉辦以「冬喜」為主題的個人展覽作頭炮。洪易作品既來自現實的生物圖像,又有一種超現實的想像,讓我們從現實之中找到快樂能量。新冠肺炎疫情陰霾下的第一個冬天,洪易的作品為香港帶來一份特殊的溫暖、希望與歡樂。

Artspace K, a brand new home for contemporary art at The Repulse Bay, opens its doors to the publicon October 19, 2020. Ms. K.C. Chen, Artspace K Founder and a long-time advocate of culture and the arts, envisions the new multi-purpose exhibition space cum art gallery to make art more accessible to the public. Centered on spreading happiness through art, the grand opening previews the venue’s inaugural solo exhibition, themed “Winter Joy”, by Taiwan’s renowned contemporary artist Hung Yi.



Artspace K開幕首展「冬喜」,邀請到臺灣知名當代藝術家洪易展出動物題材作品。其作品的造型、圖騰及顏色裡蘊藏了傳統文化、符號、典故及各種花卉,這些元素增添了作品的活潑與色彩的繽紛,且每一件作品從圖案的手繪、設計、焊接、鍛造及烤漆等,都是經過嚴謹的技術製作完成的。洪易的作品,既來自真實生物的圖像,但又有一種超現實的想像,讓我們從現實之中找尋到快樂的能量。

“Art does not need language: It is symbols, it is colour, it is feeling”

─Hung Yi

Artspace K’s opening exhibition “Winter Joy” features the works of one of the most well-known contemporary artists in Taiwan ── Hung Yi and his “Animal” series. Embedded in the shape, totem and colors of his works are the spirit of tradition, symbols, allusion and flowers, culminating into a burst of energy and vibrancy. Each piece is beautifully crafted in hand-painted welded and forged steel. Hung’s creations, though originally inspired by animals, magically undergo his surreal interpretation, bringing an unexpected surprise of joy.

A Full House of Pigs, Painting on Stainless Steel, 2019, 107x 54 x 101 cm, (LxWxH) 

洪易的作品從臺灣出發,踏入藝術界20 年來,作品曾在歐洲、美洲、亞洲等各國,舉辦過87 場展覽,每場展覽都深深打動觀眾的心,因為只要他的作品放在那裡,那個空間的氛圍就會被改造。本次展覽以「冬喜」為主題,展出15 件色彩繽紛、造型圓融及溫暖的動物主題作品,當中包括13 件雕塑,以及2 件油畫,是次展覽是洪易在香港的第一次個人展覽,展出作品亦屬首度登場。

Hung Yi’s work began in Taiwan. Over his 20-year journey as an artist, Hung has produced works which have been showcased in Europe, America, and Asia, in more than 87 exhibitions. His pieces are known to have transformed the spaces where they have been displayed, deeply touching the hearts of every audience. Hung’s Artspace K exhibition, themed “Winter Joy”, will run from October 17, 2020 to February 21, 2021. This exhibition is his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, featuring 15 never-before-seen, colorful animal-themed artworks, including 13 sculptures and 2 acrylic paintings.

Boar, Painting On Stainless Steel, 2016, 110 x 50 x 60 cm (LxWxH) 

洪易先生曾說:「生活是藝術,藝術是生活。」對於藝術創作,他認為藝術不用語言, 它是符號、它是色彩、它是感覺,所以洪易的創作型態沒有形式、沒有規則,他將身心獻給了環境,用眼、手,把感受記錄下來。他的創作來自傳統文化、生活習俗、符號及各種花卉等元素,作品的每個層次都是用手工製作打造出來。他的創作總是富原創性,是臺灣當代藝術界裡作品風格鮮明、強烈且獨特的一位藝術家。

Hung once said: “Life is art, and art is life”, believing that art does not need language, but is rather a symbol, a color, or a feeling – a perspective that is apparent in his free-flowing creative style where there are no forms or rules. Inspired by traditional culture, customs, symbols and various elements such as flowers, Hung allows himself to record his feelings using his eyes and hands, creating a variety of distinctive, strong, and unique works that stand out in Taiwan’s contemporary artscene.

Artspace K 是一個多元展覽場域,也是畫廊,參考國際流行的迷你型美術館之經營模式,定期以特別策劃的展覽深入介紹各地當代藝術家們,同時讓參觀者透過全新的展覽欣賞各種不同類型的藝術品,並參與特別為藝術家們所舉辦的講座,以及各項藝術教育活動。Artspace K也扮演藝術家與香港之間的橋樑,除了提供展出平臺,也為藝術家們以寄售的方式讓作品找到欣賞它們的新主人。

Artspace K follows the business model of prominent global mini museums, regularly featuring in- depth curated exhibitions of local contemporary artists. This model promotes these artists’ work, while also allowing visitors to appreciate a variety of new exhibitions, participate in lectures organized for artists and join different art education activities. Artspace K will also act as a bridge between artists and the Hong Kong society as a whole, providing a platform for artists to not only exhibit their art, but to find appreciative new owners for their pieces through consignment.

Artspace K 創辦人陳國慈董事長生長於香港,因為律師工作關係,需經常穿梭於多個國際城市,半世紀以來,每次回到香港這片出生地雖然只能夠作短暫逗留,但對香港始終有一份情結。陳女士於2002 年卸下律師角色,積極投入文化推廣工作,並在臺北贊助及營運三個古蹟博物館(臺北故事館、撫臺街洋樓、迪化207 博物館),接觸到全球各地、各種形式的藝術家,啟迪了陳女士推廣藝文工作的新方向,是次回到香港,特別希望將推廣藝術文化的理念延續到這片滿載童年回憶的地方。

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Artspace K Founder Ms. K.C. Chen was a full-time international corporate lawyer who spent half a century in different countries, who always found herself drawn to the unique energy of Hong Kong. In 2002 she decided to leave her legal profession to actively engage in art and cultural promotion work, sponsoring the revitalization and operation of three heritage building museums in Taipei, namely the Taipei Story House, Futai Street Foreign House, and museum207. It was her work in Taipei which eventually inspired her to be more involved in art and culture promotion in her hometown Hong Kong, a place filled with fond memories of her childhood.

香港計劃籌備一年,單是選址已非常嚴謹,經過多番考量,最後選在具百年歷史的建築 ─ 前「淺水灣酒店」。陳董事長表示:「我希望香港朋友來到Artspace K,不只是為了看漂亮的藝術品,而是來深入認識一位藝術家及他們的作品。Artspace K 以推廣『生活與藝術』為核心理念,來到我們這裡,看各藝術家的作品,體會到藝術品不只是在博物館欣賞,更不是看不懂的,而是很自然地想為自己的家或工作地方增加一份獨一無二的藝術美感和溫馨。我們歡迎任何認同我們理念的藝術家,除各地藝術界具有高知名度的藝術家外,也期待新銳藝術家們的參與,攜手讓喜愛藝術人士甚至是不曾接觸藝術的人士,均能認識各地當代藝術家及他們美好的作品。」

Ms. Chen’s plans for Hong Kong took one year to come to fruition, and involved a rigorous site selection process. After several reviews, the century-old building and former Repulse Bay Hotel was chosen to become the site for Artspace K.

“I hope that our friends in Hong Kong come to Artspace K not just to see beautiful art, but to get to know the artists and their work as well. With ‘Life and Art’ as our core concept, we want to promote art as more than just objects admired in museums. We want art to be seen and appreciated as “one-of-its kind” artistic creations that people can add to their home or place of work. We welcome any artist who shares our philosophy. In addition to celebrated figures in the art scene, we also look forward to the participation of emerging artists. We’ll work together so that those who love art and even those who have never been in contact with art can experience the stories and places of these contemporary artists through their beautiful works,” shared Ms. Chen.

「冬喜 ─ 洪易藝術個展」“Winter Joy –Hung Yi Art Solo Exhibition”​
Date: 2020. 10. 17 – 2021. 02. 21​
Time: Tuesday – Sunday, 11:00 – 19:00​
Artspace K​
香港淺水灣淺水灣道109號G105 & G106​
G105-106, The Repulse Bay 109 Repulse Bay Road, Hong Kong​

圖片由藝術家及Artspace K提供​
Photo courtesy of the artist and Artspace K​

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