K11 MUSEA 破天荒展示嶄新 POP FICTION 藝術體驗,投入仲夏狂想國度。K11 MUSEA 延續啟發社區及創造更多共享價值的使命,積極分享藝術,舉辦首個 #ShareToInspireBid 網上「以物易物」慈善拍賣,帶來由 10 位國際藝術家及名人包括劉嘉玲、唱作人竇靖童及國際著名藝術家 Philip Colbert 等設計的獨一無二「Snow Angel Mickey」作品,於 7 月 26 日至 8 月 7 日開放予公眾競投。

Exhilarate your senses as K11 MUSEA presents the all-new pioneering POP FICTION art experience to Hong Kong this summer. Sharing positive impact through art, K11 MUSEA continue its mission to inspire and create shared value in the community with their first #ShareToInspireBid online charity art barter bidding. This project unites 10 global talents including celebrity Carina Lau, singer-songwriter Leah Dou and internationally celebrated artist Philip Colbert, to design exclusive Snow Angel Mickey artworks for public barter bids from 26 July -7 August 2020.

由公眾競投所得的物品和 K11 的捐款將會撥捐願望成真基金,讓更多小孩子得到實現願望、改變一生的機會。10 個作慈善拍賣的 SnowAngel Mickey 裝置將由 7 月 25 日起在 K11 MUSEA 2 樓 Gold Ball 展出。

From 25 July, these exclusive creations will be shown at the Gold Ball on the second floor of K11 MUSEA. Proceeds of the winning barter bids from the public and proceeds donated by K11 will go to the Make-A-Wish Hong Kong to help grant life-changing wishes to children.

Snow Angel 源自兒童遊戲,意指在雪地裡揮著手腳形成天使的輪廓,代表兒童的純真、開心和想像力。設計Snow Angel Mickey 的藝術平台 APPortfolio 希望通過這種充滿活力的造型,將藝術、文化和潮流元素融合在一起,成為藝術跨界載體。

Snow Angel is the outline of an angel formed by swinging his hands and feet to form an angel in the snow. Snow Angel Mickey is inspired by the popular children’s game, representing the innocence and imagination of children enjoying themselves. Designed by art platform APPortfolio, this dynamic character brings art, culture and trending elements together in a cross-cultural expression.

對於 K11 MUSEA #ShareToInspireBid 慈善拍賣,劉嘉玲表示:「很興奮能為 K11 MUSEAShareToInspireBid 慈善拍賣參與創作,並與願望成真基金一同幫助患病孩童達成願望。我的作品命名為’’Love me, Love me not’’(愛我不愛),鼓勵大家把握機會,並勇敢去愛及追隨夢想。」

“I am excited to join the creative force behind K11 MUSEA’s #ShareToInspireBid campaign tohelp Make-A-Wish Hong Kong fulfill wishes for children with critical illnesses. Titled “Love me, Love me not”, my design is about pursuing your dreams and love, to seize your chances and opportunities. – Carina Lau on K11 MUSEA #ShareToInspireBid campaign.

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K11 MUSEA #ShareToInspireBid 網上「以物易物」慈善拍賣
K11 MUSEA #ShareToInspireBid Online Charity Barter Bid
2020.7.26 – 8.7
K11 MUSEA’s social media livestreams
How to participate:
Please refer to https://sharetoinspire.k11musea.com/en/how-to-play

Source: K11 MUSEA

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