來自形形式式的局限,唯有我們將之視為朋友而非敵人,才令它們與別不同。倫敦街頭攝影師 Alan Schaller 指出,在攝影配備、地點、主體上設置限制,能讓藝術家受益匪淺。作為數碼年代拍攝黑白照片的先驅,Alan Schaller 率先使用全新徠卡 M10 Monochrom 相機。

Limitations come in many forms. What makes all the difference, is if we can manage to turn them into our friends instead of seeing them as our enemies. To set limitations in gear, locations, subject and aesthetics can benefit an artist greatly, as street photographer Alan Schaller from London points out. Alan Schaller, an early adopter of black and white photography in the digital age, was among the first to get his hands on the new Leica M10 Monochrom.

今年 5 月,徠卡香港熱烈歡迎他及其攝影作品,並由即日起至 7 月 29 日,於徠卡香港銅鑼灣旗艦店及香港國際金融中心專門店舉行攝影展覽。

This May, Leica Camera Hong Kong welcomes him and his photographs with open arms, dedicating the Leica Store Hong Kong Causeway Bay and Leica Store Hong Kong IFC stores space to exhibit his work from today until July 29th

當 Schaller 開展其攝影生涯,他非常清楚自己意欲拍攝的任何事物。雖然他曾創作音樂,最終卻沒有成為音樂家,這段經歷促成了他創作影像時隨心所欲的風格。在職業生涯之始,他已強烈地希望成為黑白照片攝影師,因此在創作黑白影像時心無罣礙,甚至逐步將一直所收集的彩色照片轉為黑白。何藩及其作品《The Living Theatre 人生舞台》一直是他的靈感之源,而其他傳奇攝影大師如 Henri Cartier-Bresson、Sebastiao Salgado 和 Steve McCurry 則令他對攝影創作長期抱持熱忱。

When Schaller started photography, he was very protective of the fact that he was going to shoot whatever he wanted to shoot. Due to his background in writing music, he ultimately ended up with having no identity as a musician for himself. This is where his style of photography was created, to allow himself to follow the path he wants to follow. At the very beginning of his career, he gravitated strongly to black and white photographers, so he did not hesitate to create black and white images exclusively, even converting all the color images that he has been collecting.

Fan Ho and his book The living theatre has been continuously his biggest inspiration, whereas great legends like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sebastiao Salgado and Steve McCurry remain as long-living enthusiasm for him to continue his craft in photography.


He advices someone starting out as a photographer: “It’s very important to show consistency in your thinking when you are a photographer. At some point you have to just say, ‘this is what I’m going to do,’ and go out with this in mind from then on. Otherwise you just end up creating a random set of images that might be clever as single pieces but will never work out as a whole.” He also believes one should dedicate the self to photography as much as possible, this means going out and shooting every day, not taking its progress for granted and getting one’s work recognized as much as possible.

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Today – 2020.7.29
銅鑼灣白沙道 12 號地舖
Leica Store Hong Kong Causeway Bay
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Leica Store Hong Kong (IFC)

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