快投標去體驗與馬克·奎安(Marc Quinn)一起虛擬藝術創作吧! 為「國際救援委員會」(International Rescue Committee)籌款,協助弱勢社群對抗疫情,蘇富比將與 GOOGLE 聯手舉辦一場史無前例的網上慈善拍賣。 這場名為「MAYDAY COVID-19」的慈善拍賣的競投項目包括與一眾名人虛擬會面的難得機會,從茶聚閒聊、議題討論,以至課堂指導及藝術創作等,精彩紛呈。為配合社交隔離措施,所有會面將透過 GOOGLE MEET 視像會議進行。這些獨特體驗將以無底價方式上拍,5 月 1 至 8 日開放競投,只要利用這個網站就能競投。成功競投者可選擇親自參與體驗,又或與其他人分享,讓有需要人士在困難期間得到鼓舞,令善事倍添意義。

Bid for a chance to join in a virtual artwork creation workship with Marc Quinn! Together with leading figures from all walks of culture, business, politics and science, Sotheby’s and Google will launch an online auction of unique experiences which can be enjoyed virtually via Google Meet video calls to raise funds for the International Rescue Committee’s (IRC) work to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in vulnerable communities. From intimate conversations and ‘virtual’ drinks to lessons and tutorials, all of the experiences will be offered without reserve in an online auction open for bidding from 1- 8 May 2020. Visit here for more details. The winning bidders will have the option to share their experience with front-lines workers and others who have been directly impacted by COVID-19 and the social-distancing rules put in place.  


The list of experiences continues to grow, but already includes commitments from leading names in music, film, public affairs, art & design and science, among others. Among them are:

  • 與歌手史汀(Sting)合唱:成功競投者可連同一位朋友,透過視像會議到訪這位第十七屆格萊 美奬得主位於英國家中的錄音室,與他合作錄製一首歌曲。史汀還會分享歌唱技巧指導心得!
  • Win a chance to record a song with Sting! You and a friend will virtually join the 17-time Grammy Award-winning artist at his home studio in England to sing one of his many hit songs together. If interested, he will also offer coaching and advice on vocal styling. The result will be a memorable recording for posterity.
  • 與前美國國務卿、紐約州前聯邦參議員及美國前第一夫人希拉莉·克林頓(Hillary Rodham Clinton;又譯希拉蕊·柯林頓)虛擬茶聚,一邊品嘗咖啡,一邊討論新冠肺炎疫情如何改變大眾對世界的看法,以及我們如何在危機中作出正面改變
  • A coffee with Hillary Rodham Clinton, former U.S. Secretary of State, U.S. Senator from New York, First Lady of the United States, and longtime activist and advocate, to discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic will change the way in which we view the world and how you can help create positive change amidst this crisis.
  • 由著名演員柏克史釗域(Sir Patrick Stewart)教授莎士比亞戲劇課堂。柏克史釗域以在電影 《星空奇遇記》(Star Trek;又譯《星際爭霸戰》)及《變種特攻》(X-Men;又譯《X 戰 警》)中的演出聞名
  • A Shakespearian acting lesson conducted by acclaimed screen and stage actor Sir Patrick Stewart, best known for his iconic roles as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek and Professor X in the blockbuster X-Men film franchise.
  • 與馬克·奎安(Marc Quinn)一起體驗虛擬藝術創作
  • Virtual artwork creation with Marc Quinn.
  • 網上參觀電影《唐頓莊園》(Downton Abbey)的拍攝場地: 電影編劇Julian Fellowes及包括 飾演Grantham伯爵夫婦的演員Hugh Bonneville及Elizabeth McGovern等,將透過網絡帶你遊覽莊園場景海克利爾城堡,並介紹這座歷史名勝
  • A virtual visit to famed Highclere Castle, where Downton Abbey was filmed, with the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon, writer and creator Julian Fellowes and actors Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern, ‘Lord & Lady Grantham’. Highclere Castle in Hampshire, England is a Grade I listed stately home, seat of the Earl of Carnarvon. Julian Fellowes and stars from the show will join you for the ultimate insider tour of the home of Downton Abbey, delivered online.
  • 與阿波羅 9 號太空人施威卡特(Russell Schweickart)對談:施威卡特是阿波羅計劃首位進行 太空漫步的太空人。他參與創立太空探險家協會及 B612 基金會,後者致力避免有潛在危險 的小行星撞擊地球
  • A private conversation with Apollo 9 astronaut Russell Schweickart, the first spacewalker of the Apollo program, and co-founder of both the Association of Space Explorers and the B612 Foundation, an organization dedicated to defending Earth from asteroid impacts.
  • 與法國著名室內建築師及藏家賈克·格蘭吉(Jacques Grange)聊生活藝術及裝飾佈置:網上 對談將於格蘭吉的巴黎寓所中舉行,這原為 20 世紀法國著名女作家 Colette 的舊居  
  • A discussion about the art of living and decorating with renowned decorator, interior architect and collector, Jacques Grange, from his storied Parisian apartment that once belonged to legendary writer, Colette.


2020.5.1 – 5.8
Ends at May 9 2AM HKT 

Visit for further details.

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