在這個人心惶惶的時期當中,恐怕唯一可安撫大家心靈的只有藝術的世界。為了製造新的合作機會以及透過藝術為社會增添一點活力,香港畫廊協會與亞洲協會香港中心聯手呈獻為期一個月的雕塑藝術展,展期為 2020 年 3 月 26 日(星期四)至 4 月 26 日(星期日)。雕塑展將展出來自 18 間本地及國際畫廊的 20 件作品,展品遍佈於亞洲協會香港中心的歷史建築物。

In such unsettling times, it may be best to seek relief and escape a little in the world of art. To create new opportunities and bring liveliness to the community through art, The Hong Kong Art Gallery Association (HKAGA) and Asia Society Hong Kong Center (ASHK) collaborated to present a one-month Sculpture Exhibition lasting from Thursday, the 26th of March, to Sunday, the 26th of April. The sculpture exhibition will feature 20 works from 18 local and international galleries, displayed across the historical premises of ASHK.

其展覽由香港畫廊協會名譽主席梁徐錦熹以及亞洲協會香港中心行政總監孟淑娟牽頭,希望透過與畫廊及文化機構合作以連繫本港藝術社區。「我們希望在這個艱難的時刻,在足夠的衛生防護及安全措施下,藝術與文化活動在香港社區 中能起滋養心靈之效。」香港畫廊協會聯合主席季玉年更表示:「香港畫廊協會是一眾畫廊成員 及文化藝術機構之間重要的橋樑,透過不同的合作機會團結並產生正面的協同作用,帶動本地藝壇的動力。」

Spearheaded by Henrietta Tsui-Leung, President Emeritus and Honorary Chair of HKAGA, and S.Alice Mong, Executive Director of ASHK, the exhibition aims to highlight the local art community through collaboration between galleries and cultural institutions. “In a difficult time like this, we still hope that, with sufficient hygiene and safety measures, art and cultural events could be the nourishment of a peaceful mind for Hong Kong community,” said Catherine Kwai, Co-President of HKAGA. “The role of HKAGA is a bridge for connecting all the member galleries and collaborating with institutional partners to unite and create a positive synergy and maintain a momentum for Hong Kong’s art scene.”

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亞洲協會香港中心及香港畫廊協會: 雕塑藝術展

ASHK x HKAGA Sculpture Exhibition

2020.3.26 – 4.26
Tuesday to Sunday 11:00 – 18:00 
Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty
金鐘正義道 9 號亞洲協會香港中心

All images courtesy to the artists and their respective galleries.

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