It is so dark! How can you see?

我覺得宇宙是很神秘的 很有興趣去了解多些
The cosmos is so mysterious I want to dig into it

點解一個咁大嘅地方 有我哋人類會住喺裏面呢
I keep wondering why humans even exist in the gigantic cosmos

好細個已經開始有興趣 宇宙是很神秘的
I have been curious about this topic ever since I was a child

我是唐書琨 雲南人
I am David Sheekwan from Yunnan, China

當年我去咗三藩市 找學校升學
I went to San Francisco back then further pursue my studies in university

很喜歡San Francisco Art Institute
I like San Francisco Art Institute a lot

見到那些學生在畫畫 表達形式很開放 很自由
I discovered that students are so liberated in painting; way of experssion is so open

後來去咗巴黎 搵到嘢做 住咗幾年
Then I moved to Paris the next few years

I had no idea what an artist’s life was like back then

自己覺得作為藝術家應該係好自由 鍾意做乜就做乜
I thought as an artist we are free to do whatever we like; it’s our freedom

當時常常去參觀很多藝術畫廊 睇好多唔同嘅嘢
I frequented lots of art galleries and museums

後來找到一份布料設計的工作 市場反應非常好
Then I got a job in fabric design. The market resopnse was great

賣到全球 環遊世界一圈
Our designs were selling around the globe

I was clueless why it went so well !

紐約的Concord Fabric知道我的設計很好 特意到巴黎找我
Concord Fabric of New York heard about me and flew to Paris for me

一定要請我去紐約 仲比我好好嘅人工
They gave me an appreciable offer to work and live in New York

So I did !

怎知我不喜歡紐約 之後回港發展
But I did not like it there so I went back to Hong Kong

回到香港後 仍然進行布料設計工作
When I got back,I stayed in the fabric design industry

建立了自己的工作室 提供設計給歐美市場
I set up my own studio to serve the western markets

Then I got interested in fashion desgin

便開設了自己的品牌 ‘David Sheekwan’
Hence setting up my own brand ‘David Sheekwan’

時裝主要講配搭 好多嘢都很重要
Fashion is all about mix and match. Every detail is very important

但是畫畫就唔同 任你自己鍾意點都得
Painting is different. You can draw whatever you like

那時我媽媽有事 我要返回美國照顧她
My mother got ill in the states and I had to get back to take care of her

她走了以後 未知自己想做乜 就去咗學攝影
Then she passed away and I stayed there to learn photography

你看過我的兩本攝影集 便是當時的作品
The two albums that I showed you were the works made at that time

Photography is shooting something that exists, something that is already there

但畫畫是自己創作出來 是不同的
But painting is creating. It is different

畫油畫一段時間之後 我也很喜歡嘗試創作水墨畫
Having done oil painting for a while, I started to explore the use of ink

The ink related me more to the cosmos

有種好神秘嘅感覺 好難解釋
It is so mysterious and incomprehensible. It’s hard to explain

你想不到是這樣的 但你要慢慢地去嘗試
Yet to understand the full picture but one should keep trying to explore

Contemporary art is to utilise every means to express oneself

Art is not only painting

My photography is just like paintings

It also influences my oil and ink paintings

Photography moves me to painting

好似呢啲相同呢啲畫 你話有冇分別啊?
These paintings and photographs, do you think they are different?

呢個係藝術或者唔係藝術 你話我知!
Please tell me if this is art or not!

咁黑! 睇到咩!
It is so dark! Can you see anything?

導演 鄧鉅榮 Director Ringo Tang
攝影 鄧鉅榮 林峯 Cinematographer Ringo Tang, Lam Fung
拍攝助理 陳芷晴 Production Assistant Sabrina Chan TC
剪接 徐安浩 Editor Tsui On Ho
音樂 Emmett Cooke Music Emmett Cooke
製作 也可可非 Production Agogofilm =========================================

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