由企業家 Kevin Poon 與 WOAW 團隊策劃,WOAW 將於今夏推出紐約藝術家 Rostarr 的最新藝術展「Introspectives」。

Curated by Kevin Poon and WOAW team, WOAW proudly presents Rostarr ‘Introspectives’ art show this summer.

藝術家Roman K Yang-Rostarr 一直擁有令人印象深刻的藝術作品,這可以追溯到他的最新展覽,他將這些作品稱為「內省」(Introspectives) 系列,他通過展示以往從未見過的作品,邀請觀眾從這些不同時期的片段來體驗他的感覺和最內心想法的旅程。

New York City artist Roman K Yang-Rostarr, with an impressive resume of work that goes back for many years, carries on what he calls an ‘Introspectives’ for his latest show. He invites viewers to hop on a journey to experience his ideas and innermost thoughts through showcasing previous and never-before-seen pieces of different mediums.

作為一名抽象畫家和書法家,Rostarr 的「內省」以人樣和人物為基礎,配以大膽的圖像和色彩來表達。他對材料和工具的關注使觀眾能夠通過手工紙,墨水等來探索他的反思過程。你可以從 Rostarr 的作品經常看到他自己回歸到他最深刻的內心思想,同時邀請我們也思考自己的想法和感受。

Known as an abstract painter and calligrapher, Rostarr’s introspective features work based on faces and characters with bold images and colors. His attention to materials and medium allows viewers to explore his introspection through handmade paper, sumi ink and more. Rostarr’s work often sees himself return to his deepest, innermost thoughts, inviting us to reflect on our own ideas and feelings.

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Rostarr – ‘Introspectives’
2019.8.30 – 9.20
Sunday to Thursday 12:00 – 21:00
Friday to Saturday 12:00 – 22:30
G/F, 5 Sun Street, WanChai, Hong Kong

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