「Flagrant Foul」 Devin Troy Strother新作個展 | Flagrant Foul, An exhibition of new works by Devin Troy Strother

Over The Influence 香港空間欣然呈獻洛杉磯藝術家Devin Troy Strother新作個展 「Flagrant Foul」。

Over the Influence is pleased to present Flagrant Foul, a major new exhibition of Los Angeles-based artist Devin Troy Srother in Hong Kong. Flagrant Foul will open on May 23 and runs until June 28, 2019.

南加州本土跨界藝術家Devin Troy Strother作為一名80年代成長於白人社區的黑人,與此前的一代相比,對自己的黑人身份有著非常不同的體驗,因而其作品不可避免地探討種族及其在美國生活中的影響。Strother 發現,作為黑人藝術家,其作品不被以黑人經驗的視角解讀幾乎是不可能的,於是他索性選擇用喜劇化的方式詮釋黑人文化,而不像諸如Kara Walker 或 Glen Ligon等知名美國黑人藝術家那樣採取嚴肅沉重的方法。

Southern California-native and multidisciplinary artist Devin Troy Strother hasn’t been able to avoid discussing race and its prominent role in American life. As a black kid growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood in the 1980s, Strother had a much different experience with his black identity than generations before him. Strother found that it was nearly impossible to be a black artist and not make work that was interpreted as being about the black experience; so he chose to celebrate black culture with comedy rather than take the more heavy-handed approach of some of the most well-known black American artists such as Kara Walker or Glen Ligon.

是次在Over the Influence的個展,Strother 回望黑人運動員,尤其是籃球領域的傳奇神話。美國人喜歡乞丐變富翁的故事,還有什麼故事比一個來自貧窮社區的黑人孩子,跨越社會和經濟障礙成為全球偶像更富戲劇性?

For his exhibition at Over the Influence, Strother has looked back at the mythology surrounding the black athlete and, in particular, basketball. Americans love a rags-to-riches story, and what story has more drama than a young black kid from a bad neighborhood who surpasses the systematic and economic barriers of his community to become an icon?

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Flagrant Foul
2019.5.24 – 6.28
Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 – 19:00
Over the Influence
香港中環荷里活道159號 1樓
1/F, 159 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong 

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