香港當代藝術基金會(HOCA)隆重呈獻由 Germano Celant策展的《KAWS: ALONG THE WAY》,展覽探索藝術家近十年來的創作實踐・這次個人展覽將帶來藝術家從2008年至今的創作,以及多件首次於香港亮相的作品・展覽按照時間順序與主題進行策劃,並將展出藝術家最具標誌性的角色系列作品,如《CHUM》和《COMPANION》等系列,以及最近以《YOU》爲題的角色。

Hong Kong Contemporary Art (HOCA) Foundation is proud to present KAWS: ALONG THE WAY curated by Germano Celant, a major survey spanning one decade of the artist’s studio practice. Featuring works from 2008 to the present, this comprehensive solo exhibition will also include pieces that have never been presented in Hong Kong before. Curated thematically and chronologically, the survey will include some of the artist’s most iconic characters such as the CHUM and COMPANION series as well as his more recent cycle of works titled YOU.

作爲對KAWS作品的一次深入的回顧,《KAWS:ALONG THE WAY》將展示37件精選作品,包括超過人身大小的巨型戶外雕塑、近期畫作和早期創作。展覽將覆蓋PMQ元創方的室內及戶外空間,於中庭設置一座5.5米高的大型雕塑《ALONG THE WAY》(2015年),迎接前來參觀的大眾;一對《COMPANION》溫柔地互相擁抱著,希望拉近大眾與當代藝術和設計的距離,這次的展陳更將成為此雕塑的全球首次展出。其他展覽亮點包括藝術家的著名作品:《NEW MORNING》(2012年)、8英尺高的粉紅色雕塑《ACCOM-PLICE》及兩件《YOU》系列創作,讓歡樂的角色激盪出一場混合著鮮明色彩以及個性化圖像的展出,呈獻充滿幽默的集體視覺回憶。

As an in-depth survey of KAWS’s oeuvre, KAWS: ALONG THE WAY will display a selection of 37 works, ranging from larger-than-life outdoor sculptures, to most recent paintings as well as early pieces. The exhibition will take over both indoor and outdoor spaces of PMQ, with a sizeable, 5.5-metre-tall sculpture: ALONG THE WAY (2015) greeting visitors in the courtyard. The towering pair of COMPANION figures, with their arms around each other in a gentle embrace, are expected to bring contemporary art and design closer to the public. The exhibition will also mark the global debut of this sculpture. With joyous characters as a part of a shared visual memory, offering a mixture of bold colours, personalised iconographies and a touch of humor, other exhibition highlights will include iconic pieces such as NEW MORNING (2012), an 8-feet-tall pink ACCOMPLICE sculpture and two pieces from the artist’s YOU series.

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2019.3.25 – 4.14
Monday to Sunday 11:00 – 20:00
PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong
Admission: Free

Opening Reception (with Artist Present) –
Monday 17:30 – 20:00
The Qube, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

Source: HOCA Foundation

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