可能由ESAIAS FERNAU & COMPAGNIE製,德國琺瑯變色黃金鼻煙盒,1780,附有標記,印有19K金哈瑙市金標及兩枚法國1838年後限制保證金標;圖片由藝術家及佳士得提供 估價:港元320,000 – 550,000 PROBABLY ESAIAS FERNAU & COMPAGNIE, A GERMAN ENAMELLED VARI-COLOURED GOLD SNUFF-BOX, 1780, MARKED, STRUCK WITH THE HANAU TOWN MARK FOR NINETEEN CARAT GOLD AND TWO FRENCH POST-1838 RESTRICTED WARRANTY MARKS FOR GOLD; Courtesy of the artist and Christie’s Estimate: HK$320,000 – 550,000

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