香港 Simon Lee Gallery 有幸呈獻駐洛杉磯藝術家Kathryn Andrews首個亞洲個展。展覽將展出一系列全新掛牆雕塑。Andrews探問普普藝術和簡約主義之間的視覺反差,結合兩種運動的歷史語言,創出無論在視覺上,還是在概念上均同樣豐富的玩味組合。


Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition in Asia by Los Angeles-based artist Kathryn Andrews. Presenting a new series of wall-based sculptures and one floor-based work, Andrews probes the visual contradictions of Pop Art and Minimalism, marrying the historical languages of the two movements into playful combinations that are both optically and conceptually rich.

Andrews is an aesthetic flaneur of sorts, employing references to different cultural histories while using a wide variety of material processes in her work. She frequently samples and remixes historical aesthetics in order to question received values of seeing. On view, commonplace objects are drawn from popular and commercial culture, such as the Magic 8-Ball, a Hershey’s chocolate bar, lollipops, candies and flowers, appear as larger-than-life imagery in highly polished and meticulously-produced pieces that upend assumptions about commodity value. The specter of Pop Art channelled vis-à-vis these banal and kitsch objects, is interrupted by equally dominant abstract mirror forms that strongly reference Minimalism and California’s Finish Fetish movement of the 1960s. Viewers are prompted to respond to the works’ representation and attendant illusionism alongside their seductive materiality and ‘thingness’. Andrews invites us to consider where the artist’s influence resides, while opening up the possibility that a work might be seen before it is recognized.

Kathryn Andrews Solo Exhibition
2018.9.24 – 1026
Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 – 18:00
Simon Lee Gallery
304, 3/F The Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central

Source: Simon Lee Gallery



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