作為文化按摩師「跨界大龍鳳」藝術節的一部分,香港藝術中心 (Hong Kong Arts Centre)在7月13日(五)起至24日(二)於希慎廣場1樓中庭展出瑞士藝術家、音樂家及導演Dimitri de Perrot創作的藝術裝置《UNLESS》。《UNLESS》首次於亞洲公開展出,並位處於香港其中一個最繁忙的商場——銅鑼灣市中心的希慎廣場之中。但商場的人來人往並不會影響觀眾欣賞藝術品的興致,行人也成為藝術品的一部分。融合音樂創作與電影音響設計,商場中庭變成了一道舞台走廊,讓觀衆可隨意行走、坐下或躺於其中。de Perrot藉着聲音講述他對香港的感覺,同時他希望幫助大家在喧鬧裡尋獲一片悠然自得的淨土,重拾一些可能從喧囂的日常生活中失去、忽略或忘記的事情,感受微妙但感動的時刻,捕捉生活中的玩味。

《UNLESS》也是「跨界大龍鳳」另一劇場《MYOUSIC》的前奏,由 Dimitri de Perrot與Julian Sartorius創作,多變散亂的聲音,在台上台下虛實交錯。敲擊樂與燈光衝擊感官,拼湊出超現實景,挑戰大腦慣性意識。

As part of the Dragonix Multi-Arts Festival, the Hong Kong Arts Centre presents the public installation UNLESS by a Swiss-born artist, musician and director Dimitri de Perrot, on 1/F Atrium, Hysan Place from Friday 13 July to Tuesday 24 July.

de Perrot’s public sound sculpture UNLESS is located in one of the busiest shopping malls in Hong Kong. But surprisingly, the bustle and hustle of the shopping mall would not affect the audiences to enjoy the exhibition, instead it becomes part of the art. The installation takes the audience on an immersive audiovisual journey as they take a moment to walk, sit or lie down inside the installation and listen to relaxing music. Through this installation, de Perrot expresses his feeling of Hong Kong. He hopes that his art can help the audiences to reflect on their perception of speed and time while treasuring life’s seemingly trivial and sacred moments. The installation’s walk-through stage, music and cinematographic sound are designed to remind the audience to be mindful of those often overlooked and ordinary moments in daily life.

This installation UNLESS also serves as a prelude to MYOUSIC, a soundscape theatre experience produced by de Perrot and Julian Sartorius. MYOUSIC is a theatre performance combining theatre, sound and light that introduces new perspectives on each of these forms for the audience, bridging the gap between the audience and performers.

UNLESS Exhibition
2018.7.13 – 2018.7.24

10:00-22:00 Monday – Sunday

Hysan Place
1/F Atrium, Hysan Place

《MYOUSIC》— 劃破聲空一次聲域旅程
MYOUSIC – Soundscape Theatre Experience
2018.7.19 – 2018.7.21

20:00 Thursday – Friday
15:00 Saturday

Hong Kong Arts Centre
Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre

Source: Hong Kong Arts Centre & 文化按摩師 Cultural Masseur

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