成長是人生不可避免的一部分。隨著年齡和心智的成長,那種屬於童年的快樂似乎會慢慢地從記憶中淡去。韓國藝術家 Seong Ryul 憑著簡單而又寫實的水彩畫,帶領我們回到那個沒有任何責任和煩惱的時代。

Growing up is an inevitable part of life. As we are growing older and wiser, the kind of happiness that we once experienced as a child seems to slowly fade out of memory. Korean artist Seong Ryul brings us back to a time where we were free of responsibilities and worries with her simple and realistic watercolor. 

Seong 的作品主要都是以自然作為主題,並以藍色和綠色作為主色調。利用這個特點, Seong 能夠將她的藝術作品與大都市的喧囂生活很好地區分開來,例如描繪年輕的牧民在陽光下與不同動物一起放鬆的日常生活。Seong 熱愛與世無爭的小鄉村生活,她喜歡在她的作品裡描繪著一個又一個平凡又相似的角色和故事。

From her beautiful works, we are able to observe the common theme of nature with the blunt color palette of blue and green. Allowing Seong to detach her artworks from the raging busy life of big metropolis. For instance, portraying the everyday lives of young nomads relaxing under the bright sunlight with a handful of friendly animals. Her passion lies in depicting the innocent mundane lives of children in small rural towns where it follows the same characters with a common plot. 

Seong 用水彩來突顯光影的對比,觸動了觀眾的心弦。孩子們在零碎的陽光下玩耍的形像平靜而溫馨,這對每個城市人來說都是一種奢侈。毋庸置疑,大家在看了 Seong 的作品後,都產生了強烈的渴望,希望能回到無憂無慮的時光,挽回久違的純真。

Seong’s use of watercolors allows her to gain full control in presenting the contrast of light and shadows. Delivering both a delicate and wholesome experience to the audience. The calming and welcoming imagery of children playing under the scattered sunlight is a luxury to every city person. It is needless to say that after viewing Seong’s works, everyone feels a strong sense of envy and longing to return to the carefree times and to preserve the long-lost innocence.

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