When we talk about “monsters”, it is most likely strange, rare and exotic creature to most people. However, in Jan’s eye, “monster” is something that is special and outstanding. If one is outstanding, it can be seen as art.

self illustration, 2020


Cognition sometimes limits our imagination, but the world is big and the universe is enormous. Jan believes that there must be other life forms in the outer space and is beyond our imagination. The feeling of unknown gave space for imagination and creation. For the things that are unknown, there are no right or wrong. Jan hopes that his works can make people smile knowingly, and agree that it is joyful, humorous and interesting.

Jan Curious(阿Jan) 是本地獨立樂隊「觸執毛」的主音,也是樂隊R.O.O.T的成員,同時亦是一名本地插畫家。他的作品大多數都是是以黑色和白色爲主,偶爾會注入一點其它顔色作點綴,但不會過於絢麗多彩,視覺效果會用點和線作爲作品結構,再運用點線製造層次感,即使只用了黑白色也不會太過單調、沉悶,主要利用作品人物的形態帶出好笑的感覺。

Jan Curious is the lead vocalist of the local indie band “Chochukmo”, a member of the band R.O.O.T, and a local illustrator at the same time. Most of his artworks are mainly in black and white, and occasionally inject with little bit of other colors for embellishment, but never too colorful. On the other hand, dots and lines are used to create the overall structure of the piece for visual effect. Therefore, even though only the colors black and white are used, the piece would not be too dull and monotonous. He generally use the character itself to bring out the sense of funny and entertaining.

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