享譽國際的第40 屆徠卡奧斯卡·巴納克攝影獎(LOBA)舉辦在即,入圍名單現已出爐,共有12 名參賽者入圍主競賽單元,以及6 名參賽者入圍新人獎。所有入圍者的攝影作品系列均可在LOBA 網站在線查看:https://www.leica-oskar-barnack-award.com/en/

The twelve finalists in the main category and six newcomers for the internationally renowned Leica Oskar Barnack Award photo competition, that will be granted this year for the 40th time, are set. All the shortlisted picture series are available to see online at: https://www.leica-oskar-barnack-award.com/en/ .

以下為LOBA 2020 年入圍名單及其系列概述:

Here is an overview of shortlisted candidates of the LOBA 2020 and their series:

Matthew Abbott

澳大利亞攝影師,生於1984 年。幾乎沒有一個國家像澳大利亞,受災難性氣候變化的影響如此嚴重。在2019 年夏季,創歷史記錄的高溫和持續乾旱導致了2500 萬公頃的山火。Matthew Abbott 令人印象深刻的《黑色夏日》(Black Summer)系列,近距離地報導了那場地獄般的山火。

There is virtually no country on earth as dramatically affected by catastrophic climate change as Australia. Record temperatures and an on-going drought were responsible for 25 million hectares going up in flames, during the summer of 2019. The impressive Black Summer series, by the Australian photographer (born 1984), reports on the inferno from up close.

Ragnar Axelsson

冰島攝影師,生於1958 年。 Ragnar Axelsson 認為,格陵蘭的雪橇犬是北極最偉大的英雄之一。他的《北極英雄:世界融化》(Artic Heroes – Where the world is melting)系列以黑白影像,向雪橇犬和北極圈生活致敬。由於全球變暖的破壞性影響,兩者都面臨著滅頂之災。

The Icelandic photographer (born 1958) considers that the Greenlandic sled dogs are amongthe greatest heroes ever known in the northern reaches. Shot in black and white, his Artic Heroes – Where the world is melting series is a homage to both the dogs and to the Arctic way of life. Both are threatened with extinction, due to the devastating effects of global warming.

Giovanni Cocco

意大利攝影師,生於1973年。遭受2009年地震破壞後,以意大利中部小鎮拉奎拉為拍攝主題,誕生了系列作品《流離失所》(Displacement- New town no town)。Giovanni Cocco記錄了這場災難後的場景,以及居民所面對的身份迷失的社會問題,他們居住在這座歷史名城之外的緊急避難所中,希望有一天能再度回家。

Destroyed by an earthquake in 2009, the central Italian town of L’Aquila lies at the heart of Cocco’s series Displacement – New Town No Town. The Italian photographer (born 1973)presents the consequences of the catastrophe, and the loss of identity experienced by the former citizens, who are living in emergency shelters outside the historic town in hope of returning home one day.

Vincent Fournier

法國攝影師,生於1970年。他的《太空項目》(Space Project)系列(自2007年以來一直進行中)講述了太空探索的故事。他從項目伊始,記錄了NASA的太空發射系統(SLS)等登陸火星的計劃,並將一直延續到未來。他的作品引發了關於太空空間的未來意義和用途的討論。

In his Space Project series – on-going since 2007 – the French photographer (born 1970) tells the story of space exploration. He documents its very beginnings and continues into the future, with projects such as NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS), which is planned to reach Mars. Fournier’s pictures open up an exciting discussion about the future meaning and uses of outer Space.

Emil Gataullin

俄羅斯攝影師,生於1972年。在他的《梅津河:天空邊緣》(Mezen: By Sky’s Edge)系列中,向我們介紹了一個位於俄羅斯北部河流——梅津河沿岸正在消失的村莊。它曾經是重要的農業中心,但正在逐漸失去影響力。仍然生活在那裡的少數人,只能再次重拾農業,自給自足。

In his Mezen: By Sky’s Edge series, the Russian photographer (born 1972) introduces us to a slowly disappearing village on the banks of the Mezen, a river in Northern Russia. Once animportant agricultural centre, the region has gradually lost significance; and the few peoplestill living there are, once again, forced to be self-sufficient.

Maïmouna Guerresi

意大利和塞內加爾的多媒體藝術家,生於1951年。在其豐富多彩的系列作品《越境-圖巴之旅》(Beyond the Border –A Journey to Touba)中將女性的靈性與樹的象徵相結合。她高度藝術化的作品主要集中在塞內加爾拍攝,表現了介於傳統與現代之間的日常生活。

In her bright and colourful series Beyond the Border – A Journey to Touba, the Italian-Senegalese multimedia artist (born 1951) combines feminine spirituality with the symbolismof the Touba tree. Her highly artistic motifs deal with everyday life, caught between modernity and tradition, especially in Senegal.

Luca Locatelli

意大利攝影師,生於1971年。《未來研究》(Future Studies)是意大利攝影師Luca Locatelli的一項長期攝影項目,致力於探索人類在地球上生存的新途徑。他質疑“經濟需保持長期增長”的觀念,借用攝影的方式,就人與自然和科技的關係展開了激烈討論。

Future Studies is a long-term project, by the Italian photographer (born 1971), that isspecifically aimed at exploring new ways for humanity to survive on planet Earth. He questions our concept of the need for permanent economic growth, and uses his project to open up an intense debate about our relationship to nature and technology.

Cristina de Middel

西班牙攝影師,生於1975年。在她仍在進行的項目《地心遊記》(Journey to the Center)中,提到了凡爾納(Jules Verne)同名小說中的超現實氛圍和象徵意義,以此來介紹當前中美洲的移民路線,穿越墨西哥,實為一次大膽英勇的旅程。項目和小說融合在一起,形成了多層敘事。

In her on-going project, Journey to the Center, the Spanish photographer (born 1975) makes reference to the surreal atmosphere and symbolism of the similarly titled novel by Jules Verne, as a way to present the current Central American migration route, through Mexico, as a daring and heroic journey. Documentation and fiction blend to create a multi-layered narrative.

Davide Monteleone


In his Sinomocene series, the Italian photographer (born 1974) explores the impact produced by the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which reflects China’s growing presence around the globe. Spanning four continents, the project is documented photographically on location in – among other places – Ethiopia, Djibouti, Italy, Cambodia and Kazakhstan.

Hashem Shakeri

伊朗攝影師,生於1988年。近年來,由於經濟狀況急劇惡化以及房地產價格不斷上漲,越來越多的伊朗人被迫離開首都德黑蘭。在他的《驅逐出天堂》(Cast Out of Heaven)系列中,展示了新建的衛星城中令人沮喪的生活狀況。

Over recent years, increasing numbers of Iranians have been forced to leave the capital of Tehran, due to drastically deteriorating economic conditions and the constantly increasing prices of property. In his Cast Out of Heaven series, the Iranian photographer (born 1988) takes a look at the depressing living situation in the newly-created satellite towns.

Namhun Sung

韓國攝影師,生於1963年。韓國濟州島的大屠殺始於1948年4月,但這段歷史被秘密地封存了很長時間。成千上萬的居民在發起抗議後被奪去生命。韓國攝影師Namhun Sung利用受損的大尺寸一次成像底片,為他的《紅島》(Red Island)系列找到了一種不尋常的拍攝方式和影像,捕捉了這座島的悲慘歷史。

The massacres on the South Korean island of Jeju began in April, 1948, and were kept secret for a long time. Thousands of the inhabitants died in the wake of uprisings against the locally-imposed government. Making use of damaged large-size Polaroids, the Korean photographer (born 1963) found an unusual format and imagery for his Red Island series, capturing the island’s gruesome past.

Anastasia Taylor-Lind

英國攝影師,生於1981年。烏克蘭東部戰爭影響當地居民的日常生活已經超過六年。Anastasia Taylor-Lind在《前線5公里》(5km from the Front Line)項目中,將目光轉向衝突不再顯眼但更具破壞性的後果。她揭示了那裡的人們如何應對持續的威脅,和日常生活所受的限制。

The war in Eastern Ukraine has defined the everyday lives of the people there for over six years. In her 5km from the Front Line series, the British photographer (born 1981) turns her gaze towards the less obvious, but all the more devastating, consequences of the conflict. She reveals how people there have to deal with the constant threats and daily restrictions.


LOBA 2020 Newcomer Candidates:

Hugh Kinsella Cunningham

英國攝影師,生於1994年。具有衝擊力的項目《野火(埃博拉病毒)》(Wildfire (Ebola Amidst Conflict))於2019年5月至10月之間拍攝,記錄了剛果民主共和國再次爆發的埃博拉病毒戰爭。受病毒影響的社區,在經歷過忽視和戰爭的創傷之後,再次遭受了病毒戰爭。

In his haunting series Wildfire (Ebola Amidst Conflict), shot between May and October 2019, the British photographer (born 1994) documents the desperate battle against the renewed outbreak of the Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The affected communities, already traumatised by neglect and war, were even more susceptible to the virus this time around.

Fabiola Ferrero

委內瑞拉攝影師,生於1991年。在2015年開始了她的《藍色火焰》(The Blue Side of Fire)系列創作,採用間接的方法探索她曾經繁華的家園逐漸衰落的過程。在公民日常生活安靜的詩意時刻中,襯出美麗與充滿魔力的國家,更突出了當前的危機,與美麗的國土景色形成對比。

In her The Blue Side of Fire project, which she began in 2015, the Venezuelan photographer (born 1991) takes an indirect approach to exploring the progressive decline of her once prosperous homeland. She contrasts the current crisis with the beauty and magic of the country, as well as quiet poetic moments from the everyday lives of its citizens.

Gonçalo Fonseca

葡萄牙攝影師,生於1993年。《新里斯本》(New Lisbon)項目強調了里斯本的公寓和住宅的戲劇性境況。由於首都房地產價格暴漲,已有超過一萬名居民失去了住房。這位葡萄牙攝影師從個人故事中,揭示了漸進中產階級化的後果。

The New Lisbon series underlines the current dramatic situation of apartments and housing in Lisbon. As a result of the exploding property prices in the capital, over 10,000 tenants have already lost their homes. Highlighting individual stories, the Portuguese photographer (born 1993) reveals the consequences of progressive gentrification.

Sharon Pulwer

以色列攝影師,生於1995年,現居紐約。她的《上帝敬畏女性》(God Fearing Women)系列作品記錄了位於布魯克林Chabad Lubavitch的猶太東正教社區女性的生活。她的作品引起人們對家庭與職業、傳統與自我實現之間矛盾的關注。

The Israeli photographer (born 1995) lives in New York, and her God Fearing Women series documents the lives of women belonging to the Jewish Orthodox community, Chabad Lubavitch, in Brooklyn. Her motifs draw attention to the contradictions between family and profession, tradition and self-realisation.

Lindokuhle Sobekwa


In Daleside, the South African photographer (born 1995) describes the transformation of the community south of Johannesburg, which was once dominated by white people, and that he visited as a child. The portraits, taken in recent years, reveal the changes and show how the problems of Daleside compare to those of other places in the country.

George Voronov

愛爾蘭攝影師,生於1993年。《我們即萬物》(We Became Everything)系列展示了一種記錄精神體驗的攝影嘗試。George Voronov在作品中拍攝了宗教社區的年輕人。他的作品通過神秘的呈現方式,將現實世界的事物與難以把握的精神世界相結合。

We Became Everything presents a photographic attempt to document spiritual experience. The Irish photographer (born 1993) portrays young people belonging to religious communities: revealed in mysterious motifs, his series aims to combine what is considered the real world, with the mystical spiritual world that is hard to grasp.

Photos courtesy to the photographers and Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2020

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