Artistic Vision of Our New Generation 新一代的藝術視野

精湛的技巧和豐富的人生經驗自然能塑造出出色的畫家, 不過年輕人的創意和藝術觸覺也不一定遜色於老前輩。九龍倉集團自2011年起舉辦「九龍倉全港中學生繪畫 比賽, 旨在激發本地中學生的創意, 從而推動本地 藝術文化的發展。今年比賽除了繪畫組別外, 另增設雕塑組別, 意在進一步為學生提供以不同媒介創作的機會。

Exquisite techniques and rich life experiences may render an outstanding artist, but the creativity and aesthetic sense of youngsters might as well be as good as professional artists. Since 2011, The Wharf Group has been organising “The Wharf Hong Kong Secondary School Art Competition” with an aim to nurture young artistic talents and promote public interest in arts and culture. This year’s Competition did not only accept entries of Painting, but also entries of Sculpture to offer students the chance to create with different mediums.

是次比賽收到來自全港十八區, 超過二百間學校所呈交的作品,數量超過一千二百件,反應熱烈。參賽作品題材廣泛,表達方法及技巧多變, 水準極高。 專業評審團由七位知名藝術界人士組成。經過他們的 嚴謹評審, 各個獎項得主經已順利誕生。

The Competition has attracted over 1,200 entries from more than 200 schools across 18 districts in Hong Kong. The artworks cover diverse topics, and the results have fully demonstrated Hong Kong young generation’s innovation and creativity in arts. The panel of adjudicators comprises 7 renowned art professionals in Hong Kong. All winners have been selected through careful screening and judging. 

為慶祝香港藝術館經過大型擴建修繕後重開, 並攜手祝願香港未來的藝術發展綻放異彩,本屆比賽特別增設以「藝術館與城市」為主題的特別獎。繪畫組的首五十四名、雕塑組的首六名及特別獎得獎者, 亦獲邀參加由香港藝術館特別為同學安排的導賞團, 為得獎同學提供啟迪靈感及激發思考的體驗。 繪畫組的首十八名和雕塑組的首三名得獎者除獲現金獎及書券外, 亦獲贈由佳士得美術學院設計及舉辦的專業線上課程, 課程涵蓋廣泛藝術知識, 藉此拓展他們在藝術領域的視野。

This year’s Competition is supported by Hong Kong Museum of Art (HKMOA) to celebrate its reopening after major expansion and renovation and to further promote art in Hong Kong, and a “Museum and the City’ Special Award has been added. The Top 54 entrants from the Painting Category, the Top 6 entrants from the Sculpture Category and Special Award recipients are invited to join an exclusive docent tour organised by HKMOA. On top of being awarded cash and book vouchers, the Top 18 winners from the Painting Category and the Top 3 winners from the Sculpture Category are entitled to enroll in a professional online programme designed by Christie’s Education that covers extensive art-related topics for free. They are also eligible to apply for scholarship with Wharf to undertake creative art-related bachelor degree programmes in local and overseas universities of their choice. 

得獎及入圍作品會被安排於九龍倉旗下的荷里活廣場作巡迴展覽, 與大眾分享極具水準之作, 讓他們有更多機會展露藝術天份。今後九龍倉定必繼續積極推動本地藝 術發展,為香港發掘具藝術潛能的新一代。

In order to share the students’ talents to the public, the winning and outstanding entries will be exhibited at Wharf’s shopping mall, the Hollywood Plaza. Wharf will continue to actively promote the development of local arts so as to unearth the new generation of local artists with high potentials.

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「九龍倉全港中學生繪畫比賽2019-20] 巡迴展覽日期 “The Wharf Hong Kong Secondary School Art Competition 2019 – 20” Roving Exhibition Schedule 
2020.7.20 – 2020.7.28
荷里活廣場 Plaza Hollywood 鑽石山龍蟠街3號 3 Lung Poon Street, Diamond Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Source: The Wharf Hong Kong

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