表演雕塑:應對生活的稍縱即逝 | Erwin Wrum’s Ephemeral Performative Sculptures


Erwin Wrum’s work constantly reinvents and demystifies the classical notion of sculpture, transforming it into a short living and performative experience to be shared collectively.

以顛覆傳統雕塑概念聞名國際的奧地利藝術家歐文.沃姆(Erwin Wurm),首度在臺灣呈獻個展「一分鐘台北」,含括其20餘年來的創作實踐!策展人傑宏.尚斯(Jérôme Sans)擔任2000年台北雙年展「無法無天」的策劃者時,曾邀請沃姆來臺展出;20年後兩人再度合作。

One of the most important artists of his generation, Erwin Wurm is internationally recognized for his unique way of having reinvented sculpture through performance, video, drawing and photography. In the 1990s, Wurm made a name for himself with the One Minute Sculptures, an ongoing iconic and now historical series of photographed performances in which he subjects his models or himself to paradoxical, cynical or absurd contortions and situations. Since then, he has been exploring ordinary decisions and existential issues, focusing on objects that help us to cope with everyday life and through which we define ourselves.

建築是沃姆一直以來樂於探究的領域。擷取自台北地標101節節高升的造型,限地製作《攀登101》(Climbing Taipei 101)於展間中豎立起彷彿從地底貫穿直上的結構,將僅能遠望的地標建築近距離再現於觀者面前,讓他們在觸碰、攀爬之際感受建築體尺度與自身的相互關係。「表演雕塑」(Performative Sculptures)系列作品的台北版,由表演者依照指示操演動作、施加於臺灣著名地標建築的泥塑模型上,使其產生形變。表演的紀錄影片將與風乾定型的雕塑在展覽中一同陳列,沃姆透過肢體展演再形塑建物模型的過程,思索社會符號、意識型態、行為以及認同之間的衝突與關連。

Erwin Wurm focuses on works to be lived, enlarging the field of contemporary art by inviting the audience to share a moment together, reintroducing the notion of collective, relation and encounter into the realm of sculpture. Wurm stages the questioning of the individual in his relationship to the world and in his way of being by converting immediate moments related to human activities into sculpture. His work plays on the distortions of scale, the multiplication of formats, blurring what the size of a work is, as well as the notion of temporality of the gaze at a time when everyone has lost the notions of scale, space and time. Wurm’s long-standing interest in architecture, our “third layer of skin” is expressed through the Performative Sculpture, a new series of physical performances on clay models of contemporary iconic Taiwanese architectural complexes.

「一分鐘雕塑」系列開放參與者踏上擺放日常物件的展臺、依照文字和繪畫指示,以異於往常的方式與其互動,如把頭放進冰箱冷卻、將身體平躺於幾顆網球上等,形成有趣的臨時雕塑。以雜耍般樣態展示自己、用肢體語言扭曲物件原本的用途,沃姆藉此形成對日常生活侷限的一種抗衡。「文字雕塑」(Word Sculptures)系列,則透過參與者在朗讀出聲的瞬間,將文字變幻成彷彿具體形現於空間中的流動雕塑。人們可以在展場欣賞、參與創作,亦或短暫化身為展品,以行動重塑雕塑的形貌。

Whether in the One Minute Sculptures or the Climbing Sculptures performed or activated by the audience or the Word Sculptures in which a word becomes a liquid sculpture ephemerally invading space during in the time of diction, all these works are symptomatic of an era of sociality in our contemporary world. Blurring the boundaries between performance and everyday life and the spectator and the participant, these situations present an appearance of idleness, gratuitousness and unproductiveness in a world where performativity is the rule, time is disappearing and everything is short living. Into Wurm’s cross-cultural approach, dancing, exercising, playing, drinking, reading and even psychological or philosophical issues could have sculptural qualities.

策展人尚斯表示:「在沃姆的創作實踐中,跳舞、運動、玩耍、喝酒、讀書,甚至是心理或哲學問題,都具有其雕塑特質。他專注於能被參與者賦予生命力的作品 ,透過邀請群眾共享時刻來擴大當代藝術的邊界 ,並將群體 、關係和相遇的概念重新引入雕塑領域, 模糊了表演和日常生活、觀眾和參與者之間的界限。」「一分鐘 台北」是過去與現在 、 個人和集體經驗的交織,意圖將雕塑重新定義、 擴展,甚至翻轉成一種參與和玩耍的媒介,藉此探詢我們存在與觀看的方式。

One Minute in Taipei is an interweaving of past and present contexts, of individual and collective experiences, a large reactivation of iconic performative sculptures, converging towards a unique aim: redefining, extending and twisting sculpture into a resolutely participative and playful medium, capable of questioning our way of being and looking at the world.

Source: 臺北市立美術館 Taipei Fine Arts Museum

One Minute in Taipei: Erwin Wurm Solo Exhibition
2020.4.2 – 2020.6.14
Tuesday to Sunday 9:30 – 17:30
臺北市立美術館 Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Galleries 1A, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan

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